Running towards him, the dirt sprays from under her bare feet.

     "John! John! JOHNATHEN!!" She yelled as the boy turned around slowly. Suddenly, the dirt at the boy's feet started to crumble. The boy threw up his arms as he fell, grabbing anything to keep from falling to the running river below.

     "JOHNATHEN!!!!" She screamed, running to the edge of the cliff. She lay on her stomach, trying to reach Johnathen's hand as he reached out to her. Johnathen was barely holding on. The branch he held cracked. Johnathen gasped and looked into his sister's eyes. Knowing what was happening, tears spilled over the girl's cheeks. The branch broke and Johnathen fell. As he hit the water, the girl screamed--

     And Mikayla sat upright in bed, screaming Johnathen's name.

     "Are you okay? What's the matter? What's happening? Mikayla!" Mikayla awoke completely to being shook by her mother.

     "What's the matter?" Melissa said, noticing her daughter was awake.

     Tears running down her face, Mikayla clung to her mother. They stayed that way until morning, Melissa and daughter.

The End

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