About a girl who goes on some kind of quest to find the killer of her father and to find a way to help her younger brother.

     "You really shouldn't aggravate a great ruler. It might kill you."

     The great beast growled and the girl tensed, her grip on her sword tightening, making her knuckles whiten. The blade of the sword shined in the sun.

     The beast roared and pounced. The girl charged. She leapt at the lion, and met it's attack, sweat pouring down her face. Aiming for the throat, she thrust her sword. She landed on the soft earth without a sound, and turned as the beast landed as well. It was lying on it's side in the dirt, the jeweled sword handle visibly buried in the throat. While she basked in the sun, eyeing her victory, the light faded from the lion's eyes. Then, with a flick of her wrist, she pulled the sword from the throat of the carcass and sliced through the tough skin and bone of the beast's neck with one swift motion.

     Picking up the head, the girl smiled. "You really shouldn't aggravate a great leader. It might kill you."

     Entering a camp an hour later, the girl pushed her white-blonde hair behind her ear, breathing in the fresh air. Sighing, she headed towards the small house at the edge of the forest she had just come through.

     "Still the same as always..."

     Hearing the voice of the young girl, a woman looked up from her laundry. The woman dropped the sopping wet clothes in the grass and put her hands to her mouth, shocked at the young woman who stood in front of her. The blonde girl was covered in blood, but fortunately for her, it wasn't her own. The woman stood up, still shocked at the sight. The blonde girl walked into the yard, holding the head of a lion and a sword at her side.

     "Mikayla? I thought you were dead."

     The girl named Mikayla slowly put the lion's head on the ground at her feet, staining the grass red.

     "No, mother. I'm not dead." Opening her arms to her mother, Mikayla began to tear up. Running into her daughter's arms, Melissa burst into tears. Taking a step back, Melissa looked over her daughter.

     "You're hurt!" She exclaimed, noticing a red stain spreading over the right pantleg. Melissa ran in the house, grabbed a pair of garden shears, and approached her daughter. Kneeling over her daughter's leg, she gently cut the pantleg open. The wound was far worse than she had thought. Four jagged cuts ran diagonally from Mikayla's thigh to her ankle.

     Looking at the lion's head, Melissa gently cleaned the wound. "Is it from the..." She trailed off, looking at her daughter. Mikayla nodded, wincing as her mother bandaged her wound.

     In the process of healing, Mikayla slept. While she slept, Mikayla dreamt...

The End

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