The Court of King Rhys

'Luke! Hurry up or you won't have time to eat before we go to the castle!' shouted Jorzen. At the sound of a clattering on the stairs, he turned and smiled at Leanna. 'Knew that would get him moving.'

Luke burst into the kitchen, his hair an unruly tangle on his head. Attired in a red tunic, black trousers and boots, and a navy blue cape, he looked every inch the young noble.

Jorzen pulled a comb out of his pocket and proceeded to attack the mess that was Luke's hair, ignoring his winces. Meanwhile, Leanna passed him a roll filled with sheep's cheese. Luke started eating the quick breakfast as Jorzen burrowed in the bottom of a large chest.

'What are you looking for?' asked Luke.

Jorzen pulled a longsword, with its scabbard and belt, out of the chest.

'This.' he replied, buckling it round Luke's waist. 'You'll need it, besides you can't go not looking the part.'

Luke finished eating and brushed the crumbs off his clothes. Jorzen quickly kissed Leanna goodbye, before striding out through the door, Luke hurrying after him. Ahead of them rose the imperious facade of Kardith Castle. Jorzen introduced himself to the guards at the gate, before they were escorted to a sumptuously furnished antechamber, where several others were also waiting.

'Jorzen!' shouted an unshaven, bald, hulking man. 'What piece of trash are you bringing in today then?' Several of the people standing around chuckled. Jorzen was about to deliver a scathing reply, when a steward entered from the other side to the one they had entered from.

'The King is ready to see you all now.' he announced.

The End

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