The Chronicles of Kardith

The youth allowed himself to be led through the streets of Kardith by the tall man with the short beard, loping gait and the razor sharp katana through the streets of the city, which he had seen was called Kardith when he arrived at the gates. He saw that they were approaching a tall white spire of a building, that rose out of the assorted houses like a canine rises from the lower jaw. The man turned to him.

'That building is where the chroniclers reside. From what the letter told me, you're a very unusual individual. You have the blood of the noble families of Cymeria flowing through your veins. We're here to find out which noble house you are part of.'

With that said, he set off into the building. The man, now truly eager, rushed after him.

'Are you serious?'

'You speak!?'

'Yes! You mean it?'

Jorzen smiled. 'Yes, young man, I do. Now come. The head chronicler awaits us.'

The End

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