The nameless stranger

'Sir Rhyffawr,

                       I am sending you this letter with the child who we found wandering near our house. We live on the northern edge of Mordentia, just south of the Barren Wastes, and one day we found this boy standing at our doorstep. He didn’t speak, not even when we spoke to him. He hasn’t ever spoken since we met him, but otherwise he seems perfectly healthy.

We kept him with us for a year, and looked after him like our own son. However he still didn’t talk and he often looked unsettled and unhappy. We took him to see the healer who wanders through our village every so often, and she told us that he was capable of talking, just he didn’t. All her attempts to communicate with him failed. She also discovered that he had traces of Kinsblood, which is only found in Cymerian noble families. So we know that he may have family in Cymeria and we would ask you to try and identify which family he belongs to and return him to them.

The healer also told us he isn’t marked with Ochrone, just to put your mind at ease. He shouldn’t be a danger to your country, and he has no links with Them.

Thanking you in advance,

Jakob Mirzlen'

Jorzen lowered the letter and looked at the heavy-set youth, wondering just who this mysterious stranger with no name was.

The End

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