Midnight's Realm

A dark shadow spreads over the land of Elysania, as rumours of an attempt to resurrect He who rules with no mercy, the Dark King, Bel'Ashroth Khan'ar are heard throught all kingdoms. There is no man who can hope to stop him if he arises.
But the land still has hope.

Picture a green, jewelled land, pristine and untouched. This is Elysania, the land of eternal peace. To the north lies the Barren Waste and beyond them, the Dark Peaks, mountains reported to go down as far as they go up and home to unspeaken horrors, blocking access to the world beyond.  The rest of the land is surrounded by a deep sea. Ships have ventured into its uncharted depths, yet never returned.

Zoom closer to a small, mountainous region, the Kingdom of Cymeria. Steep slopes mean that Cymeria abounds with sheep, and the men it breeds are both hard and kind, strong in body and mind, yet generous and helpful. Some tend their flocks high in the foothills, others fish from the many rivers and streams, others chop wood to build and light houses and homes. Others are wanderers; seers, healers, and beast hunters. Amongst these people strides one who is almost legendary, yet still alive. A tall figure, strong, lean and swift, picks his way down the sides of Demon's Corridor, one of the steepest, narrowest gorges in the land. At the bottom, he pauses slightly before setting off down the gorge towards a cluster of huts surrounding a high keep beyond the gorge's mouth. A sword handle protudes above his shoulder, the many notches testament to his skill.

Reaching the outskirts of the town, he is allowed to pass by the guards of the low stockade, who stare after him in awe and admiration. This man is no ordinary man. But he doesn't know just how important he will become.

The End

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