Getting There

    To my left, Ella clung to her blanket, squeezed her arms as close to herself as was possible. To my right, the window was fogged over, the only thing visible beyond being the dark of night. Before us, all hopes of conversation had died off as gradually and predictably as the sun had done an hour or so prior. Outside it seemed to be still and dead, and our destination was yet hours away. Thanks to small, personal earbuds, music occupied my ears, but not my mind. No, not even close.
    Internally, my mind once again combed over the warnings we had received by people who had heard our plans. Perhaps warnings wasn't the correct term. Stories. Yes, that was it--stories.
    Lunadelle, apparently, was a popular source for gossip and creepy tales for those bored enough to seek them. We had been told, though we had never heard the name before we had chose to move there, that statistics showed it was the number one city for cases of people gone missing. We were provided with many examples, none having an ending that strayed too far from 'and they were never seen again.' It would take much more than that to shake me. Especially after our brief visit to the town, months ago.
    Every aspect of it was...well, normal; and much of it was beautiful. The daylight had seemed to inhabit each of the houses, shine back through each of the windows, thrive in the cool breeze that greeted us. I wasn't exactly happy to be moving, but I was much less bothered by the twisted fantasies that were scraped from the surfaces of the place.
    "We're here, girls," whispered the gentle voice of our mother. I opened my eyes, hopped out of the minivan, and glanced around. The two-story house we were parked outside of towered over my 5'5" form, purple shadows slithered out from the sides, and the dead leaves of the trees were cackling with the wind. Night had transformed this place, and I was beginning to become afraid.

The End

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