Act One: Scene One

This is a novel, based on a play I wrote, based on a section of Disney's Fantasia; Dance of the Hours. There's not really much resemblance to the original, as this one is more inclined to be serious than silly, and you'll find no ostriches, nor alligators pirouetting through the halls.

Jet paced back and forth across the little clearing, glancing occasionally at the picnic basket sitting on the elaborately carved stone bench in the center of the space. The clearing behind the hedge maze was one of the most secluded places in the Sun Queen’s palace, and since his dark hair and eyes stood out anywhere in the white city,it was one of the few places he could go without being stared out.

“She should be here by now,” he muttered impatiently, spreading out the picnic blanket in front of the bench and glancing toward the hedge maze periodically.

“Jet?” Aurora, the future princess of Light, strode out of the hedge maze. “I’m supposed to be getting ready for the coronation this afternoon. What’s all this?” She paused at the edge of the blanket, looking at the picnic for two Jet had set out.

”Well, it’s your last meal as one of the common people,” Jet said shyly. “I thought I’d plan something special.”

“Something special! What a wonderful idea. Too bad you’re just Night realm trash. Not even the evil king wanted you, what makes you think we want you here?” Sneered a soldier, dressed in a white and gold uniform, coming out of the maze behind Aurora.

“What’s he doing here?” Jet tried to keep the venom out of his voice, but was largely unsuccessful. He did not address the soldier directly.

“I am here,” the soldier began before Aurora could reply, “to protect the princess. It is very important that her contact with the darkness be limited. Especially on the day she inherits her powers of light from the queen. Which is today.” Almost casually, as he spoke, the soldier’s hand drifted toward his sword.

Jet tensed, preparing for a fight. “You think I could corrupt her?” He replied coldly.

“You are a child of the night after all,” The soldier said. “Born under the Night King’s rule of darkness, and not our own fair Queen’s realm of light.”

“We’ve grown up together, George,” Jet said, still tense. “You, Aurora and I, living in this palace since we were small. I may have been born in the Night King’s realm, but I’ve known only this life. I’m no more capable of corruption than you are.”

“George, Jet!” Aurora tried to interrupt, but the soldier plowed on.

“That’s Captain to you, kitchen boy,” George snapped. “I’ve been promoted to captain of the guard in light of the special occasion. You’re still just a servant. Shouldn’t you be helping prepare the banquet for tonight?”

“They can spare me for a little while,” Jet muttered, staring at the ground. “Aurora deserves a decent lunch. Especially today of all days. There are still several long hours between now and the banquet.”

Aurora put a hand on George’s arm, and pushed him gently toward the hedge maze. “Stand guard at the fork in the path that led us here,” She instructed him. “I’m perfectly safe. We're surrounded by the palace walls, and the many guards now under your command. I’ll be fine.”

George reluctantly went back into the hedge maze, and Jet waited until his footsteps had faded into the sound of the breeze in the leaves before speaking again, setting out the food from the basket.

“I’m sorry for his behavior,” Aurora said, sitting down on the blanket, her white dress spreading around her like the petals of a lily. “Everyone’s become a little overprotective of me recently.”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it,” Jet replied, pouring her a glass of cold tea from a small decanter. “I know I’m different, and that I shouldn’t be friends with you. Especially not friends with you. I know the rules, light and dark do not mix. But I don’t care! The rules are stupid.”

“The rules are there for a reason, Jet,” Aurora said.

“Yeah, yeah, I was born in the Night King’s realm, so I could be more easily corrupted than anyone else. I've heard it all before," Jet complained, sitting down on the blanket and pouring himself some tea.

“It’s already in your system to hate the light.”

“And in yours to hate the dark, and yet, the queen took me in when I was left at the gate. She let me work in the castle, and she gave me a home. I could never hate my family. I will always be loyal to the Sun Queen, and to you,” He reached for Aurora’s hand.

“Jet, I-I need to tell you something,” She began, but just then, bells began to ring in the distance, and George’s voice came from the hedge maze, though he remained out of sight.

“It’s almost time for the ceremony, princess.” He said.

“Oh my gosh,” Aurora stood up quickly, yanking her hand out of Jet’s reach before he could make contact. “I’ve got to go.” She dashed away, back into the hedge maze.

Jet just watched where she’d disappeared for a few minutes, before turning to clean up the picnic, once again alone.

“Why do I even try?” He muttered. “She’s going to be the princess of light, with special powers and everything. Me? Maybe I really am just Night realm trash.”

The End

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