Chapter TenMature

The Next thing I remember, I woke up. My whole body ached from the night before, like death. Short blurbs from what happened, played in the back of my mind.  When I sat up, I quickly found I wasnt in my room. This wasnt my bed, and I was still wearing the lacy dress Cal had bought me.
    Looking around, the walls were made of a clay-like material. There was no windows and only one door. And in front of that door, sat Hayden. His eyes still shut, he leaned against its massive wooden frame; a small fur blanket wrapped around him.     Quietly I tried to stand up, I needed to get back to Cal before he noticed I was missing. But, the second my feet brushed the ground, Hayden was already wide awake and watching me.
    "What are you doing?" He asked. "You need your rest."
    Ignoring him, I pulled on my shoes, and fluffed my hair."Hayden, I have to get back to Cal before he notices I'm gone."
    Leaning back against the door, Hayden closed his eyes again. "Aeire, you've been asleep for twenty four hours." He said, and then yawned carelessly. "I'm pretty sure he's noticed."
    "Twenty four hours!"I yelled. His icy blue eyes shooting open.
    Suddenly everything was spinning. Falling back, I fell flat on my back on the bed. Standing up, Hayden came over and sat beside me. Using his hand, he brushed hair out of my face. I looked up to see him looking at me, the way he alway had when we were alone. "What?" I asked curious.
    "What?" he replied back.
    Pushing the arm he was using to hold his chin up, he fell on top of me. For a second he hovered there, his lips just barely on mine. "You were," I paused, to take a breath. Hayden sensing this sat up. Once he had, I continued. "You were staring at me again."
    "I wasnt staring." He said, quick to defend himself.
    "Oh, really?" I smiled. Sitting up, I scooted further off to the edge. Anything to put some distance between us. "Then what would you call whatever that was?"
    "Admiring." He said flatly. His voice was completely serious now. Not even the slightest bit of humor. The light in here was slim but, I could still make out the features of his face from this far away. I could still see he was looking at me; admiring me.
    "What happened?" I asked. "What am I doing here?"
    "You fell unconscious after everything like I had." He whispered as if we hadnt been alone. "I just wanted to make sure you were safe. I knew how Cal might of reacted, so I brought you here."
    "And here is?" I asked, strangely grateful Cal hadnt been the one to find me.
    "Lucas's house." He paused. "Specifically, the basement."
    "Ah," I smiled. "That explains it."
    Hayden didnt look

The End

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