Chapter NineMature

    After an hour passed, Cal finally awoke. Dazed he remembered nothing, just like the guard the other night. Just in case, I had slipped into the dress he had made. It wasnt too much longer now before night fall, and pretty soon people would be arriving once again for dinner. Only this time, I wasnt sure what to expect. By now Syon had heard of the event, and had doubled the security. I only pray Hayden would stay away tonight, I didnt want to risk Cal remembering anything.
    At first, he called out my name. Something I hadnt thought someone like him would have done, and once again Cals other side was showing. "What happened?" He asked, his hands quickly flying to his head as if all the pain had just hit.
    "You fell," I lied, and handed him a cold compress. "I was so worried about you."
    He smiled slightly, and tried to sit up. "You're wearing my dress." he said, his eyes taking me in.
    "I am." I said. "Its beautiful, thank you." And for the first time ever, I truly meant it.

    Night had finally come, the moon hidden still behind a group clouds. My skin felt like it was on fire as I stood out in the Garden, basking in its glow. Voices from arriving guests surrounded me. Off to my left Lucas and Giselle had just arrived. Their eyes glued to me as if I were a creature of fiction. Hayden, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was trying to avoid Cal, I thought to myself. A hard knot suddenly formed in my throat. Deep down, I wished he had come. I feel like all of this would be easier somehow to handle if he had. Even though we  agreed to be friends, there is just something between us we will never be able to hide. No matter how hard we tried.
    "There you are." Cal's voice broke through my thoughts. Behind me, he pressed something cold to my back, and I jumped. "Sorry." he smiled. "Its just a glass of wine."
    "Thank you," I said, and took it from him.
    "So who are you looking for?" he asked. His eyes darting in front of us as if there were someone hiding.
    "No one." I laughed. "I was waiting for you."
    "Hope so, for your sake." he smiled, taking a sip from his own glass.
    I laughed though I doubt he had meant it as a joke. "M'Lord." a voice came from our right.
    Cal turned but, for some reason my feet wouldn't budge. "Yes?" he asked confused. Nervous I took a sip of wine, and then another.
    "May I speak with you?" It came again, only now had I recognized it. It was Gabe.
    "What for?" Cal asked defensively.
    "It's about something your father sent me to tell you." He said. "In private."
    I could hear Cal fuming inside. He never did like to be bothered, even by his father. "I'll be back my love." He said leaning in and pressing a kiss against my cheek. "Dont stray too far."
    I stood there for a moment after he left, before downing the rest of my drink. I wondered what was taking so long? I was ready to get this night over with. Staring up at the sky, I decided to walk deeper into the garden. Maybe I had to be alone for it to happen. Having walked for ages, I found a spot next to a pond, and sat down. The air around me shifted with the wind. Here there were no voices, only those far away in the distance. Other than the stars, and the moon who by now was full and bright, I was completely hidden.
    "Get ready," A voice broke through the darkness. Hayden, I thought, though I was sure. I have to come to recognize his voice anywhere. "Here it comes."
    Just as I went to answer, a strong beam of light shot down from the sky. I blinked, sure if it had all been in my head. Suddenly my skin erupted, and my chest felt as if it were going to implode. Without realizing I dropped to my knees, and let out a scream so powerful I was sure Cal would hear.
    Staring through burning eyes, I saw Hayden in the distance. He was standing there watching it all happen, almost as if he were remembering the way it felt when he himself experienced it. Falling forward, I rolled onto my back. My hair now floating in the water of the pond, no relief from this unbearable heat. I could feel my body spasm beneath me, though I was helpless to fight. In the distance, I could hear voices. No one had seemed to even notice what was happening, or else wouldnt they have come by now?
    Taking in a breath, I felt my lungs tearing from an invisible weight pressing down against me. I let out another cry of pain, only this one was faint. Curling into myself, the ground below seemed to spin. The light had grown brighter, and now I was looking out through blind eyes. For the first time in a long time, I thought I was going to die. In fact, I wanted to die. Anything that would make the pain go away.
    Gathering my strength, I managed to get out one final word. "Hayden." I cried out as hard as I could. The bright white light hiding me from him, made my pupils dance. It was then, something remarkable happened.
    Like a flood, I felt the rush of cold water forcing away the pain until, there was nothing left. I opened my eyes, the light now vanished from sight. Hayden's face, the only thing I could see. His icy blue eyes, and his perfect smile. "What-" I tried to speak.
    "Shh," he smiled. Only now would I realize he was holding me. "Its over," he said. "I'm here."

The End

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