Chapter SevenMature

    Coming here, my mind was set on one thing. Making Syon pay for killing Emily. Everything else I could deal with as it happened. All my life, Emily had been the one person who was there for me no matter what. She didnt care that I was a Legacy born or what it all meant. All she cared about was being with me, loving me. Even the day I ascended, she was there. Waiting for me to wake up.
    When I did, nothing had changed. I still loved her more than ever, and as far as I was concerned, I was going to marry her. I didnt forget her, or the memories we shared. Sure some things had changed, like the way I was able to move things no one else could. She didnt even care when I shut her door that one day. Its hinges literally crumpling under this new God-like strength.
    She died keeping my secret, and still nothing changed the way I felt about her. The way I still feel about her. The only reason I'm even questioning myself now, I still dont know. Theres just something about Aeire that I cant stop thinking about. When I'm away from her, I physically hurt inside. This girl can be aggravating, and stubborn, yet when I'm around her I'm still never as close as I was to be. As I need to be.
    Soft and sun kissed; the curves of her body bring a fire to my skin. Just the thought of touching one of those curves has caused countless nights of sleep to be lost in wonder. Those vibrant hazel eyes, when she looks at me, my heart stops. The luscious blonde hair that seems to catch the sun’s light in each wave that falls spiraled down her back. And those lips that hold a gift men yearn for enough to travel to the ends of the earth and back for a chance to taste those lips.
    Its like nothing I can even begin to explain, and each day I wake up hating myself for feeling it. I dont want to feel this way, I just do.Tomorrow is her birthday, and ever since I left her standing alone in her room, I fear I will lose Emily forever. The way I felt seeing what Cal did to her, I cant even describe without hating myself. Emily's death didnt even make me feel like that. It was as if something inside of me switched, and I wanted to do nothing but, hurt Cal. I wanted him to feel what I felt. Not even  while I traveled with the Night Walkers, the men murdering with such ease, could I have imagined myself wanting to hurt anyone other than Syon. Not even when I watched Syons men take, and kill Emily, just because they could.
    Even as I sit here listening to Lucas talk about some special event tonight he convinced someone into letting me come to. The only thing I can think about is seeing Aeire again, making sure she is alright. I just pray that seeing Cal put his worthless hands on her, doesnt send me over the edge just yet. All I know is now, the only thing I want more than revenge, is Cal's head. Syon's along with it for letting it happen.
    "You ready?" Lucas called to me from across the street. I had gotten lost in my thought, and was now just standing between the doorway.
    Closing the door, I walked over to meet him. Taking a deep breath, I pushed a hand through my hair, and told myself to relax. "Sorry, I was thinking about something."
    Lucas looked at me with a knowing look, I've come to hate. He always knows when something more is going on than I'm letting on."What?"  I asked.
    "You were thinking about the Princess again, werent you?" he smiled.
    "Not exactly." I lied.
    "Hayden, you dont have to lie to me." He smiled. Giselle behind us, came over and took his arm. "I was twenty once too, you know."
    "What about being twenty?" Giselle asked. Her short brown hair caught in the wind.
    "Nothing my love." Lucas laughed. Then, in one motion, he took her hand and pulled her close. "You know how much I love you?" He said.
    Hearing that, Giselle turned a bright red color, and smiled. Then she kissed him. "Almost as much as I will hate you, if we die before you give me a daughter of my own."
    Lucas released her gently, and rolled his eyes. "Dont ever get married Hayden." He smiled. "No matter what is going on, or how unsafe things have become," he paused. "Women will always want more from you."
    Giselle hit him. "Lucas Garris Knight." She said, her finger waving angrily in his face. "You better leave now, before-"
    "Alright love." he cut her off with a kiss. "I'll see you tonight."
    After that Giselle returned to the house, and Lucas and I stood alone in the street. The streets around the castle, quiet. We would have a long walk ahead of us, I just hope Aeire wouldnt be his choice subject to talk about.

    "Invintation, please." A stuffy man in a bright red suit asked as we arrived. He had a look that reminded me of oatmeal.
    Lucas fished out two manilla colored slips of paper, and handed them over. After the man stared at them for what felt like hours, all I could think about was what Aeire was doing. If she was inside feeling the same way about me.
    Once the man approved our invintations, he walked us back to a large room withsix very large connecting windows. It was like looking over off a balcany. You could see everything for miles. The room itself was barely lit, the moon was shining bright enough.
"Lucas." Aeire's voice broke the growing silence. At first we had been the only one's here. I shifted to look at her. Lucas?
    She was wearing a purple gown, quite like the one she wore the first time I saw her. Only this was wasnt as revealing as that one had been. It clung to her waist, though the bottom as round as a bell. Her hair was pulled away from her face but, the rest fell in spirals down her back. She was beautifull, and she was all mine.
    "Oh thank goodness no one else has arrived." She said. Her eyes focusing on Lucas, as she reached out and touched his arm. Pulling my collar, I took a deep breath. I cant be jealous, I cant, I thought to myself. My mind racing with thoughts. Why hadnt she acknowledged me? "There is something I need to tell you." she continued. "It's about the wedding."
    Suddenly, the doors swung open, and people began to pour into the room. Aeire, quickly releasing Lucas, walked over, and stood by a single chair along the windows. Her hair, glowing under the moonlight. I looked to Lucas for answers but, he just flashed me a look and turned away from Aeire and walked towards the back. I, on the other hand, crept closer.
    I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eyes, her breath raged. My body was reacting to her precence like never before. All I wanted was to hold her again. Then it happened. The room went silent. Aeire had shifted her weight, and was now smiling. Following her eyes, I found Syon standing center of the room. Cal close beside him. "I would like to thank you all for coming to such a special dinner." Syon began. "Tomorrow, my son's beautiful bride to be will finally become a lady, and with that will be able to produce him suitable male heirs."
    No one spoke. Taking a step back, I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Correction, I didnt want to hear what I was hearing. Aeire wasnt Cal's or anyone else's, and she wouldnt produce any male heirs for anyone but, me. Without realizing, I looked down and found my hand in a fist. My knuckles white from squeezing so hard. When I unclinched, blood was starting to seep from where my nails had been. I needed to get out of here, I thought.
    "Thus, the descion to move the wedding date was settled upon. By the end of this week Princess Aeire, and my son Cal, will take their vows and bring together our two bloodlines." Syon finished. Everyones faces were as white and as blank as I'm sure mine looked.
    Looking over at Aeire, she didnt seem surprised. "Lets feast." Cal shouted, and everyone left for the other room to grab a seat but, me and Aeire. Her expression of someone whose been defeated.
    "M'Lady," the man with the oatmeal face called out. "Your fiancé is searching for you."
    Nodding her head, she turned and proceeded to join the others.  When she got to the door, I could hear Cal in the other room. His voice all too excited, as he took Aeire into his arms at the doorway, and kissed her for everyone to see. Her body folding into him willingly. I had to force myself to look away. I couldnt watch them together anymore,  I had to leave. Only this time I would be alone.

The End

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