Chapter SixMature

    Two more days had passed since I almost was caught. It didnt take long before they had found the guard, lying unconscious in the mud. Even now, I wasnt sure what Hayden had done but, I was thankful whatever it was had worked. I dont even want to think of what Cal, or Syon for that matter would have done if I had been caught. I was even luckier the guard couldnt remember a thing.
    After breakfast that morning, I retired to my room. Cal still thinks I'm upset about the fight we had but, really I just needed some time to think. Tomorrow was my birthday, and if what everyone says is true, I will ascend to my powers, and everything will change forever. I would be lying if I didnt say I was scared. What's even worse is that Hayden has already received his but, still refuses to tell me mine. Then again, right now I couldnt care less as long as whatever it is can help defeat Syon for good.
    The only thing I couldnt understand, was how Hayden had managed to love another. Sure at first I may have been upset but, not at him. It was more towards the fact that for my whole life, I hadnt even tried to love another. I hadnt even thought about the possibility. Maybe it was because I didnt think I could, or maybe I was blind. All I know, is it would have been nice to have known the option was there. At least then, I could say there had been someone special for me before it all. Before the curse took over and I wouldnt have a choice. That will always be my one regret, not having had the choice.
        "Knock, knock." Gabe called out from the hall. He was holding the door cracked, the only thing visible were his massive fingers gripping the wooden frame.
    "Come in." I said, and he opened it.
    "You have a visitor." he smiled. My eyes dashed around him but, whoever it was was hidden behind his hulking frame. As if noticing, he stepped aside. It was Hayden.
    "Hello Aeire," he smiled brightly, and stepped in. I rolled my eyes, and sat back down.
    Suddenly I felt trapped again. "What was it like?" I asked him before he could speak. "Being in love, I mean."
    "Are you asking because you're upset about it, or"
    "I'm asking because I dont know." I cut him off mid speech. "Dont flatter yourself, I havent ascended yet."
    "Oh," he whispered, and walked over to the window. His foot barely brushing the train of my dress. Noticing he shifted. "I'm not sure  you can describe it." he said. His face was red as if talking about it embarrassed him somehow.
    I took in a breath, and sighed. "That's alright." I laughed, and stood up. Leaning over I shut the drapes. The room suddenly darker. "Now," I smiled, walked over to my bed, and took a seat. "What did you come to talk about? More importantly, how did you manage to convince Cal into letting you be in my room?"
    Even this far away, I could feel the air around us pulsing. Tiny waves taunting me to get closer, to feel him touch me again. "Its about tomorrow." he said finally. He took a breath, and sat down. His hand gripping the back of the chair. Was he feeling this too, I wondered. He still hadnt mentioned how he had been able to get past Cal. "You need to know what to expect when you ascend. I dont want you going into it blind like I had to." He paused. "It wasnt just poof and your done."
    "What do you mean?" I asked. 
    "I mean, it was painful." he said looking away. "I thought I was going to die."
    Sitting up, I could see how serious he was being. I didnt know what to say. "Did it last long?"I asked. A stupid question but, for some reason I needed to know.
    "No, it was pretty quick. At least what I remember." He said. "I'm pretty sure I passed out."
    Standing up, I paced the floor around my bed. My head spinning. I didnt want to do this anymore, I didnt want to be a Legacy. All the pressure, all the responsibility, and now this. Why me? I'm not strong enough for this anymore. I cant be who everyone needs me to be.
    As if knowing what I was thinking Hayden walked over to me, his arms reaching out to stop me. "Ouch," I said without thinking. He was holding the spot where Cal had grabbed me earlier last week. It was still bruised. Quickly I shied away from his touch. Even though my body wanted me to stay.
    "Whats wrong?" he asked, stepping close again.
    "Nothing, I just have a bruise is all."I said, and turned away.
    Hayden, apparently not letting it go, pulled at my sleeve. The gold material falling down my arm, revealed a perfect bruise sized hand print. He pulled me back around to face him. I was surprised to see him so upset. "Who did this?" he asked. His voice echoing through the room.
    "Be quiet." I whispered. "Do you want to be caught?"
    "Aeire, Did Cal do this to you?" He asked.  All I could do was stand there."Answer me!"
    Flashing him a face, I pulled my sleeve back up. "I told you I can take care of myself." I said. "I have been ever since-"
    "Ever since what?" Hayden pushed. He wasnt going to let this go, only I wasnt sure why.
    Staring up at him, I could feel my eyes watering. I wasnt going to cry, I wont. Not in front of him. "Ever since its just been me." I said. "Ever since he killed them, and took over the Embress." Taking a deep breath, I wiped a tear falling down  my cheek. "He killed them, and left me because Cal asked him to."
    Hayden didnt say a word. I wasnt even sure if he could understand anything I said through my tears. He just pulled me close. His arms wrapping around my waist, and held me.
    "Aeire, I swear Syon will pay for the things he has done." He whispered. Once again, I could feel his breath on my neck. "Tomorrow everything will change. Even Cal wont be able to hurt you again." He paused. "I wont let him."

The End

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