Chapter FourMature

  "Are you enjoying yourself?" Cal asked, and slapped his hand down on my lap.
    "Yes," I smiled, my head still spinning slightly.
    Together we were sitting at a rectangular shaped table, as people danced all around us celebrating our engagement. As promised Cal had let in anyone who had wanted to come, which seemed to be half the town. I took a sip of wine, and wiped my lips. My lady beside me, quickly filling the hot red liquid back to the rim. I nodded my appreciation, and smiled. It was Mary. After this morning, I had told Cal I wanted her for one of my ladies, and he quickly accepted. He was probably to excited for the Ball to even care but, with her being so young, I wanted to keep her close. At least this way I could keep my eye on her, and hopefully keep her away from Cal as well. She smiled, and stepped back in line with the others.
    Lucas and his men, had gathered along the far side of the Hall, dressed in their best armor. Beside him, I noticed the man from before who was standing awkwardly in his suit, which seemed to be two sizes too small. He was staring out into the sea of people, his eyes dashing from one side to the next, until finally they stopped. His gaze now locked with a deathly grip. Curious, I followed his gaze, only then did I find him. Standing amidst the dance floor. His blue eyes, like ice, staring back at me. My heart stopped.
    He was tall, almost six two, and his brown hair was tousled perfectly atop his head. Breaking his stare, I had to take a breath. I could feel his eyes on me, taking all of me in. Suddenly I felt naked, yet comfortable all at the same time. Emotions were spinning in my head like a broken record. It took everything I had stay where I was. I cant explain it, but its as if a magnetic field had just exploded in front of us, and I was being pulled to him.Quickly I took in a breath, and steadied myself.
    When I looked back, he was gone. The man standing beside Lucas, once again searching the crowd. Cal stood up, his napkin falling to the ground in spirals as he stepped out into the room. He looked back at me with longing eyes, and with a quick clap of his hands, he took control of the room. "Attention my good people." He smiled, turning in a small circle around himself. "I would like to take a moment and ask you to gaze upon the beauty that is my bride to be."
    Suddenly all eyes shifted to me, the air growing thicker by the second. I hated them looking at me, some with their faces full of disappointment, others with just pure hate. To Cal, he wouldnt notice, he was too caught up in his own world even if he did to care. The music had stopped, talking had stopped, even Syon had stopped what he was doing, and was now watching me. "Who amongst you would like to be the first to dance with her, congratulating us with your praise?" He continued. No one moved.
    Grinning wildly, Cal searched the room for takers, though he would find none. To them I was a traitor. After a minute, you could see his rage beginning to consume him. "Do my eyes deceive me?" he asked. His hands raising to rest on his hips. He will surly find some way to blame me for this, I thought to myself. My arms throbbed at the thought. Syon pushed a thin girl with ruby red hair off his leg, and rose as well. Every guard shifting into a fighting stance.
    "I will, M'Lord." a voice broke out amongst the crowd.
    Looking up, instantly I met those icy blue eyes. My stomach knotting as the crowd shifted, their expressions as confused as I felt. Cal had been facing the other way. "Who said that?" he asked.
    "I did, M'Lord." the guy with the icy blue eyes called out again. "I would be honored to celebrate this day with you and your lovely bride."
    I swallowed hard, a heat quickly finding my cheeks. The people around them moved aside, Cal moving between them.  "What is your name, good sir?" he asked. Cal's brows were furrowed.
    "Hayden, M'Lord." the guy with the blue eyes smiled. "Hayden Mackintosh."
    Suddenly, time stopped. I gasped for air. For a minute, I wasnt sure what to think. The room was back to spinning, and I felt as though I would be sick. "Well, my good sir," Cal continued. Oblivious to me or what was happening. Quickly, I pushed back my chair. My hand flying to my chest, and my knees buckled beneath me. Out in the crowd, people were starting to scream. Their voices fading into one muddled cry. Something inside of me exploded. My emotions whizzed through me in a way I couldnt make sense. Before Cal knew what had happened, the man with the scar was there, and caught me, and finally I breathed deep.
    "Careful, M'Lady." His voice was rough and broken. "Wouldnt want you to harm yourself."
    My feet brushed the ground, my strength coming back. I could feel his hand on my back.  His fingers stinging my skin like ice, and suddenly everything became clear. "What did you do to me?" I asked. Taking a step away, the second I had it I could feel the air around us shift and the temperature skyrocketed.
    He smiled down at me, and removed his hand. "Later." was all he said.
    "Aeire," Cal called out from the center of the room. He looked mad, possibly at me. It was then that he shifted his focus back out into the room. He forced a smile, and spit out a laugh. "My good people, I believe my bride to be may be worn out from all this celebrating."
He paused. I kept my eyes to the floor but, I could feel Hayden watching me. I could feel him so clear, it was as if he were next to me.
    "Please, feel free to stay as long as you all would like." Cal continued. "I think it is time for us to say goodnight."
    "What was that all about?" Cal asked. As soon as he had finished releasing us, I excused myself. Mary following closely after me.
    "I havent been feeling all that well is all." I tried to to keep my voice low. I could tell by the way he stormed in, not only was he upset but, so was Syon. "I didnt mean anything by it."
    As if trying to stay calm, Cal went to the window, and open it. The crisp night air, pushing through my hair. After another minute passed, Cal looked back, the hate from before completely gone. Walking over to me, he pulled me into him. My face pressing uncomfortably against the rough material of his shirt. "You poor thing." he said, and looked down at me. "Tomorrow you shall stay in your room to rest. I will send over the physician as well to check you out."
    "Thank you," I said, and he released me. 
    He walked to the door, his fingers resting on the knob. I could see him struggling within himself over something. "Embarrass me again like that, and you will forget what it feels like to have the wind in your hair."    
    I paused. "Yes, my love." I said, and with that he slammed the door shut. The lock on the other side only a small reminder that this was no longer my home.    

The End

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