Chapter TwoMature

 As the stories go, Legacies have existed as far back as there were any stories to tell. Their purpose soley for protecting the Royal Kigdom; something the first king ever had sold his soul to get. One girl, and one boy; born of two completely different bloodlines, though together they were connected. With the first light of night on their seventeenth birthdays, they will ascend into their gifts and become truly powerful. One will bring with them the gift of god-like strength and agility. The other, will bring forth the gift of light. Together they will be unstoppable, and after the final ascension of the last child, they cant be stopped. The only downside to the gift, is that it can also be a curse. Something even the Gods couldnt have expected.
    Love. It wasnt that they were going to fall in love by some strange chance but, the inescapable fact that they would. There is no error, no room for doubt. They were meant to be together, whether they liked it or not. Most legacies before them have tried to fight it but,none have been able to succeed. Fighting it only makes it worse. Thus, the reason its called a curse. There has to be a balance for everything, and this would be their weakness. Only no one has yet to fully figure it out.
    With the first child, a warrior born son named Hayden, and the second. A Royal born daughter of the King, named Aeire. Soon they shall embark on a journey, and together they become the next Legacy.

The End

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