Midnight thinking

Just something I wrote one night I could not sleep.

As the clouds slowly drifted past the chimney on the roof outside her window, she watched the world got dimmed down. The sky wasn't gray or blue. It was both, with a hint of pink as a result of the midnight sun. Even a little orange in some places. It was still light enough that she could see all the things in the livingroom clearly, but dark enough that everything seemed to be in shadows, like the world had stopped, even just for a moment.

Her parents had already gone to bed, and she was going to bed soon too, but not quite yet. Her eyes fell on the almost-dead orchid on the windowsill. She had given that to her mother on mothers day last year, and it still lived, barely. The rockingchair in the corner stood perfectly still as she listened to the rain tapping on the roof, the windows. Still, the sky wasn't completely gray. She still could get a glimpse of the blue sky over the chimney.
The wind was blowing, and she could hear the wooshing sound of the pine trees by her playhouse. Her father and grandfather built it for her when she was six, but she never used it nowadays. So there it stood, probably full of dead spiders, and some summer garden furniture.

The yellow light from the midnight sun fell in the window, but it was too low to blind her. It fell on her red-ish hair, and on the silver ring she got from her mom two years ago. It was the first ring her dad ever gave her mother. It felt like she had her family with her when she wore it, and the gold ring from her aunties, and her dads gold heart necklace he got as a child. He had chewed on it, so it was bulky, but she still wore it every day. The sun went away again. 11.25 PM. It started raining again.

The End

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