"Heath! Heath, where are you?" I cried hysterically . "Heath!" I was swimming but I wasn't moving. Blood red waves rolled over me and crashed upon the pier. I couldn't breath, my arms and legs were aching. Using all the strength I had left, I swam to the pier and pulled myself up.
"Heath!" I woke up screaming. I was laying on the floor covered in a cold sweat. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a tear fall on my shaking hand. I pushed away the sweat-dampened hair that was plastered to my forehead. Unsteadily, I stood up and stumbled over to my bathroom. My reflection in the mirror was almost as startling as the dream. My long black hair was damp and tangled, my eyes were puffy and bloodshot. Patches of red blotted my ivory skin. I sighed and grabbed a glass off of the counter, filled it half-way from the tap and took a drink.
Walking back to the bed, I grabbed my cell phone off my dresser. The blinking blue light told me I had a missed text. I flipped open my phone and read the message.

Carmen, r u ok?
Txt me back.

It was Amy. Somehow she had these feelings when something bad happened or was about to. I figured I should respond or she might freak out and call the house or something. My dad probably wouldn't appreciate the phone ringing at three in the morning. Well, 3:15 to be exact. I hit reply, typed up a quick "I'm fine", and hit send.
I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep so I grabbed the remote to my TV and pressed the red power button. The TV flashed on and i quickly turned down the volume. I didn't want to wake up anyone. I flipped through the channels and finally stopped on some home-decorating program. I watched just long enough to see the before and after shots of a woman's bedroom. Obviously, by looking at the before shot, the room had definitely needed to be redone. It had bright pink walls, the color of those chalky anti-acid tablet things, and beige carpeting. The drapes were yellow and they matched her bedspread. It was truly hideous. The decorators had done a great job. The walls were repainted a dark green and the carpet was replaced with a dark-stained hardwood floor. The new drapes were black and her bedspread was replaced with a giant, white, fluffy comforter. Yeah, it looked a lot better.
I glanced up at the clock, 4:27. I sighed and laid my head back against the wooden headboard. I flipped off the television and stared for a moment into the blank, black screen. I rolled over onto my side and closed my eyes. It was hopeless, I couldn't sleep. I sat up, climbed out of bed, walked over to my closet and opened the door. After a moment of thought I grabbed a pair of faded denim jeans with a hole at the knee and a green T-shirt. I got dressed, slipped on my favorite gray hoodie and black flats. With my purse in hand I stepped out of my room and towards the front door.
The house looked eerie in the dark. Shadows danced slowly on the walls. As I reached the front door I was greeted with a low, throaty growl. I turned in the darkness, but was unable to see much. "Nola," I said softly. "Come here baby."
Slowly a large Alaskan Malamute emerged from under the kitchen table. I dropped to one knee so my face was even with hers. Her bright blue eyes seemed to glow in the dark.
"Hi sweetie." I said gently. "I'll be right back, I promise."
Nola whined in protest.
"Don't tell dad." I pet her on the head and turned back to the door. "Bye."
Halfway down the drive I turned and saw Nola's face in the window. I felt bad for leaving but I needed to get out of the house.The night outside was a great contrast to my room. The moon painted everything in a silver light and the breeze played gently in my hair. It felt good to be outside. The cool air helped clear my mind and I was able to relax. I cleared the drive and turned down Sapphire Rd.

The End

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