The Café

It was a little after six in the evening. I was sitting on my bed replaying the day's events in my head, the boy in the café, the scene at the library. I couldn't stand it anymore. I jumped off my bed and grabbed my purse and car keys. I skipped every other stair down and called good-bye to my father, who was watching a baseball game on the TV.
"Where are you going?" His voice drifted out of the family room.
"The café." I called back already half way out the door. I hopped into my jade green hybrid and drove off.
When I arrived in the café , a group of young men were huddled by the alley. They watched me as I hurried past toward the door. The inside of the café was warm. The smell of hot chocolate, coffee, and bread wafted through the air. I made my way over to the counter where my friend, Preston, was standing. "Hello." I smiled.
"Hi, Carmen. What can I get you?"
"You know what I like." I handed him a five dollar bill.
"One white chocolate hot cocoa with extra whipped cream coming right up."
A few moments later he handed me my drink and I took a seat on the large purple couch by the fireplace. Every few seconds I scanned the room hoping I would spot him.
"You know, they say dark chocolate is healthier than white.
I didn't recognize the voice. It was smooth and deep, but not too deep. I thought I heard a trace of an accent as well. I turned around and started to speak, but when I saw him my voice cracked. It was the boy I saw earlier. "Who says that exactly?"
"Honestly, I'm not sure." he smiled and sat down next to me. "Is this seat taken?"
"It is now." I smiled back. "Why do you seem so concerned about my health?"
"I guess I'm just a... caring citizen." His English accent became more noticeable as he spoke. "My name is Liam. Liam Gilbert."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Carmen." We shook hands. He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it before letting go.I blushed and he laughed softly. "So I take it from your accent that you're not from around here."
"You're right." He smiled at the obviously stated fact. "I come from a little place just south of The Strand."
"So you're from England."
"You're familiar?"
"I know a bit about it. I've always wanted to visit."
"Yes," he sighed. "It's a beautiful place."
"Then why are you here?"
"I had some unfinished business with someone from the states."
If it wasn't for the warm smile that played across his face the words would have seemed cold and harsh. Smile or no smile, it still sent a chill down my spine.

The End

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