Chapter 5

"Sophia Mizrahi! Wake up right this instant!" Mrs Davids bellowed.
"Sorry, ma'am," I rubbed my eyes.
"You come late; you sleep through my class; what's gotten into you?" my teacher glared at me. "What were you doing last night?"
I was tempted to tell her all the things I'd experienced in Sora. "Sleeping," I said instead.
"don't you lie to me. Get out of my class!" she yelled. "And you have detention for the week."

I stood outside the classroom, moping. I was destroying Sora, and it was ruining my life. Everything I got involved in always had to go wrong. Nothing ever went right.

I thought of the strange boy who had made me fall asleep. His voice was that of a teenager, not older than sixteen. I wondered whether he was lying about being a friend. Who was he, and how had he made me sleep with just a touch?

Some time later, Mrs Davids called me back inside. I could hardly focus on what my teacher was saying. Thoughts of Sora and my detendtions kept bugging me.

I wondered whether to tell my friends about Sora. I glanced at Theo, who was sitting next to her. Theo looked absorbed in our lesson about types of rocks. She would be fascinated by my story, although she wouldn't believe. She'd tell me to write a book about it. Kirsten would just laugh. I decided not to tell them anything. I couldn't wait to speak to them, though. I wanted to know their opinions on Palestine, to see how much of an outcast I'd become.

The End

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