Chapter 4 (continued)

I tried hard to fall asleep, but the image of the Soran kept flashing before my eyes. I knew now, that I couldn't be a silent observer. I had to do something. Nearly two hours passed, while I thought of what I could do. Nothing came to mind. Nzuri still didn't return.

I couldn't fall asleep. Mrs Davids would probably give me detention for the week. I was sleeping right through the math period.

Another hour had passed, when I heard someone whistle. Jiffy was fast asleep. I looked around, beginning to panic.
"Psst! Over here," a whisper came from the door.
"Who is it?" I trudged toward the sound.
"I'm a friend. Everything will be okay now. I'm here to protect you," a male voice said. He ran his hadn delicately over my arm.
I immediately felt drowsy. I fell into his arms, asleep.

The End

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