Chapter 4 (continued)

"It's no good. She's dead," Nzuri's voice called from a distance. She appeared in the doorway. "That girl was a Soran. I believe she was shot on Earth now,"
"What?" I cried. "They're on Earth too?"
"Yes, of course. The come here just like you do, in their sleep. Both you and them are still on Earth too, asleep. The main diference is that you're an Israeli child, and all of them are Palestinian adults," Nzuri explained.
"She's an adult?"
"Yes -" Nzuri got cut off by Jiffy appearing inside the cave. "What is it?" she asked, recognizing his panic.
"You said this girl would bring us good luck," he yelled. "That's why I didn't kill her. But you lied!"
"What do you mean?" Nzuri asked.
"Habib said that Mabay's preparing an army. She thinks this fool will Sorans, so she wants to kill them all," he said.
"Oh no!" my eyes widened.
"You shut up. You broke my house, and your promise to rebuild it. This all your fault, and you're doing nothing about it," Jiffy said.
"Now, Jiffy..." Nzuri said.
"No, no, he;s right. I'm nothing but a liability. How do I get out of Sora forever?" I said with a sigh.
"You die!" Jiffy screamed.
"Then kill me. I will never be able to save Sora anyway," I said.
"It'll be my pleasure," Jiffy yelled.
"That's it! Stop fighting. I think we all agree that there are bigger things to worry about right now," Nzuri said. Jiffy scowled.
"Wait a minute. If Mabaya kills all the Sorans, won't she die?" I asked.
"No. She has the Skull of Saol," Jiffy said. "Leave that, though. What's the plan, Nzuri?"
"I'm going to speak to her. Look after Sophia," she said.
Jiffy grumbled. She glared at him."Fine, but she'd better keep quiet, or else."
"I'm right here, you know?" I said.
"Silence!" Jiffy screamed.

The End

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