Chapter 4 (continued)

I got late for school because of oversleeping and messing milk on my clothes. The wrought iron gates were already closed when i arrived. I sighed. This would earn me a detention.

I asked the guard t open the gates, and then walked reluctantly to class.
"Good evening, Sophia. I'm glad you've finally joined us," Mrs Davids said sarcastically. The class laughed.
"Morning, ma'am. Sorry for being late," I muttered. The class laughed again as I trudged to my wooden desk, at the front of the classroom.
"Quiet!" the teacher said.
The first period period was math, my least favourite subject. I smiled at my friends, Theodora and Kirsten, and then took out my books.

Mrs Davids already had a question on the board. Kirsten's hand immediately shot up. Although she wasn't studious, she loved math. Theo's nose was in a book, as usual. I didn't even know when I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes to stare into midnight blue ones. I blinked. I was lying on a bed, with a young girl standing next to it. The girl looked like a human teenager, except she was tinted blue.
"Are you okay?" she smiled.
"No. How did I get here? I need to wake up, now! Mrs Davids will kill me," I cried. The girl looked at me, puzzled.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth wide. She grabbed her chest, and looked as if she would vomit. She collapsed, making choking sounds. Then, she fell still. Blood poured out of her chest. I leaped out of bed to try to help her. I was shocked and confused.

The End

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