Chapter 4 (continued)

I'd become an outcast, I realized. My parents would hate me. This was Israel, and almost everyone believed strongly in their purpose. I did, too, until i found Sora. What if Sora wasn't real? It could have been a recurring dream. Would I really risk everything important to me, just for dream characters? A magical land in the sky - it couldn't exist. Besides, I was surrounded by people who wouldn't hesitat to kill me if I opposed them.

A thought of the bird I'd seen flashed through my mind. The midnight songbird. Even though there was nothing but darkness and rain around it, the bird continued to sing. Darkness didn't matter, because it had light inside itself.

At least the bird had loved ones who weren't dark. With this thought in my mind, I drifted off to sleep.

"Sophia!" my mother woke me up. "It's nearly half-past-six. Do you want to miss school?"
"Hmm?" I squinted at the light. "Not a bad idea," I grumbled, closing my eyes again. I had forgotten about school, with all the strange goings-on.
"Get up. Now!" Mom yelled.
I rolled over, and then sat up.
"That's a good girl. Now hurry up before you're late," my mother smirked.

I groaned as I got out of bed. I hadn't slept well in a while. Going to Sora stole my rest each time.

After hurriedly getting ready, I went downstairs for breakfast. My father looked at me from over his newspaper. I cringed when I read the headline, "Mizrahi's strategy works: Over 100 dead." I tried hard to pretend that everything was normal.

I failed, however. While I was carrying the milk bottle, I walked straight into my mother. My blue-and-white, checkered uniform became completely white.
"Watch where you're going!" Mom said, drenched in milk. I didn't know what to say. I silently left to change my clothes. My mother followed, scowling.

The End

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