Chapter 4

Nzuri's words still echoed in my ears when I awakened. The rain hadn't stopped, thankfully. Her father would have to pospone the mission now. That was one less thing to worry about.

I contemplated getting out of bed. It was still early. The black of the night was slowly turning to grey. Thunder growled, and then the house was silent. My parents were still asleep. I decided to sleep. I turned around and closed my eyes. However, I wasn't sleepy at all. I stared at my baby-pink walls. "You're our only hope," Nzuri's crystal voice said again.

"It's all in your head," I whispered, shaking myself. "It isn't real." As much as I loved going into Sora, I hoped the previos night had only been a dream. A part of me knew it was real, though.

How am I supposed to stop my dad from bombing Palestinians up? He believed that he was doing a right thing. Protecting their sacred land was the only thing important to him. I had no idea how I could possibly change his mind. After all, their their scriptures justified all the deaths, because they were for God.

I couldn't sit and do nothing, either. The Sorans would all die. They were counting on me. I had to do something. The problem was - what could I do? People wouldn't take me seriously if I told them that I was trying to save invisible in the sky. They'd call me crazy.

Perhaps I was crazy, though. I listened to the rain. I had always desired an important purpose. Saving lives was my passion,; that's why I wanted to become a doctor. Life is important. I can't just let them die, I thought.

The End

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