Chapter 2 (continued)

"We're here," the messenger said, lowering onto the ground. "Bow down to Mabaya." She bowed down herself, causing me to tumble off her into a bow too. My side hurt.
"Rise, my queen," a deep voice said from within the cave in front of them. "Rise." A huge, glowing Laumina emerged from the cave. I stumbled onto my feet.
"I've been waiting for you. My name is Mabaya. It's an honour," the giant Laumina stretched out her hand.
"I'm S-Sophia," I replied slowly, shaking Mabaya's fingers.
"Oh, I know who you are. I'm a great fan of your dad. He's a true hero," Mabaya said with a strange-looking smile. "Come on in."
"My dad..." I echoed, while following her. I thought about him leaving the next morning. I wondered whether time passed while I was in Sora. I also wondered how Mabaya could know about Earthly things. Elise had said that they should get out of there when the messenger had come. Who had shot me? Blood still poured out of the wound steadily.

The cave was vast. Everything was light-blue, leaning towards white. All sorts of strange contraptions lay around.
"Sit, dear," Mabaya smirked, gesturing towards a fofa. I sat down gingeryly. Bars sprung up around the sofa as soon as I sat down. I was in a cage. Mabaya laughed. "You shouldn't have come to Sora. Now you will never leave!"

The End

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