Chapter 2 (continued)

"I have to, " my father said absently.

"Why?" I fought back tears. My father just continued packing his clothes. "Fine, but then take me with," I said.
"Are you insane? You know how dangerous it is," he gaped at me.
"If it's safe enough for you, it's for me too," I was adamant.
"No, Sophia, you take care of your mother. Now go to your room," he said sternly.
"Dad, please," I begged.

I sighed and left. There had to be a way for me to stop my father. I couldn't let him go on a suicide mission. I'd have to accompany him and somehow stop him from doing something stupid.

As I sat on my bed, thinking of ideas, I suddenly felt a throbbing pain in my side. I looked down. My clothes were stained red, and in my side was - an arrow.

I looked around as the room faded into Sora again. Wind rushed upwards through my clothes, and trees dashed upwards. Suddenly, something flew beneath me and began lifting me upwards.

"Elise?" I asked.
"Elise is gone," the Laumina said. "You're going to Mabaya," she added with a chuckle.
"Who are you then?" I asked.
"Just a messenger," the Laumina said casually. Her voice was warm and heavy, unlike Elise's childlike one. I gripped on for dear life as the Laumina took some sharp turns. I had no idea what was going on. Who was Mabaya? And how had I come back to Sora?

The End

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