Chapter 2

"Sophia, open this door!" a voice called.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in my room. "I'm coming, Mom!" I said subconsciously. I blinked a few times, and then walked to the door. Had everything just been a dream? I opened the door.

"Come and have dinner," Mom said.
I followed my mother, only partially in my senses. "I'll be there now," I said and walked towards the bathroom. Once there, I splashed water onto my face. I looked into the mirror. My eyes were no longer red. I examined my side. No arrow. I decided it must have been a dream, albeit a crazy one.

At the dinner table, Dad avoided eye contact with me. We ate cheese sandwiches in silence. Thoughts raced through my mind. I felt guilty for swearing at my own father, but I also felt hurt because of his words to me. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore.
"Dad, I'm sorry," I said.
My father didn't respond. He continued eating. Once he was finished, he leftthe table without a word. My heart sank.

I returned to my room some time later. I couldn't get over our fight. I collapsed onto my bed. Staring at the roof, I thought deeply about everything. Mom walked in, glared at me, and then said, "He's leaving. I hope you're happy."
"Leaving?" I asked.
"Going in on an air mission. He may die."
"What?!" I cried. "Can't he just send in troops?"
"No, it's got something to do with him teaching those fools a lesson himself," my mother replied.
"Tomorrow morning," my mother said.
I ran out of my room.
"Oh, and Sophia," Mom continued," The keys - I was the one who forgot them in the car."

I glared at me mother, and then walked to my father's room. "Don't go," I said, staring at the floor.

The End

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