The Trouble Starts

I grabbed my phone and called pressed  #1. Jacobs was on speed dial. He picked up in
the middle of the first ring.


“Jacobs! I need you to come get me.”

“Okay, I’ve been parked behind a bush for over an hour! I
knew something like this would happen- What exactly did happen?”

“I’ll explain later, just hurry!”

I grabbed my bag and stuffed all my things in it and zoomed
down the staircase.


I whipped my head around. Emma was standing right behind me
will a confused look on her face.

“I gotta go! I have a-um-a thing!” I hastily explained.

“Oh…okay then”

I ran out the door and jumped in the car and Jacobs sped
away. Once we were far enough away, I let out a big sigh and closed my eyes.
That was close.

“So??” Jacobs questioned.

 “Emma’s parents work
for Innovated Genetics”, I said. He almost ran into a mailbox.

“JESUS CHRIST! How did they find us?”

I buried my face in my hands and was silent for the rest of
the car ride home.

The End

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