“Are you sure this is that the place?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes Jacobs, she gave me her address,”

He stared reluctantly the old Victorian house. The old house
was slightly faded and ivy was beginning grow on the side of it. I could tell
it used to be an elegant Victorian manor from the 1800’s.

I finally opened the car door and got out. Jacobs leaned

“You be careful now, okay?”

I ignored his last comment and walked up to the gigantic
door. Before I could even touch the brass knocker, the door swung open. Emma
stood in the doorway looking very timid.

“Umm…Please come in,” she said. Ok then. I kicked off my
combat boots while she closed the door quietly.

“Let’s go to my room.”

She started up the spiraling staircase and I followed her
quickly. “So how long have you lived here?” I said pathetically attempting to
start a conversation.

“Since a week ago”, she replied, “My dad works all over the
country so I move every six months or so.” We finally walked into her bedroom. I
was surprised. It was just plain. The walls were bare and her bed was small
with a peach colored comforter. On the right side of the room, there was a
small wooden drawer and a walk in closet. I expected a pink bed with kitten
posters all over the walls.

She sat down and pulled out her shiny new Mac. Ok. What do
her parents do for a living? I awkwardly rummaged my h my through my tattered
book bag and got out a beaten up notebook and a stubby pencil.

We discussed different ideas and collaborated effectively.
Actually, she just showed me her rough draft and I agreed with everything she
said because I did not know a single thing about American History. An hour
later, Emma’s mom called her down and I waited in her room for a little while. Suddenly,
something caught my eye. There was a gleaming pen on her dresser. I walked over
and turned it over. It said: Innovated Genetics: Scientifically Advancing. My
heart skipped a beat and I dropped the pen. Oh. My. God. They’re everywhere. I
now understood why Emma was so rich.

The End

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