Midnight Secrets


I stared at the girl in the mirror. Her nose was too big and she had a zit below her lip. A sigh escaped my lips as I turned away. "I look horrible," I thought to myself miserably. I suddenly hated my dad for making me move away from my perfect life. All my friends back in Texas were probably laughing at the lunch table while I was stuck in my living nightmare-New York. I have always wondered why people sang songs about this place. There's nothing great about unsanitary sidewalks and rude people. And not to mention the lamest school on the face of this earth. Willow Creek High. I quickly reapplied my lip gloss and walked out of the girl's bathroom. When I entered  the cafeteria, the first thing I saw was Jennifer, the girl in charge of  the new student orientation. She was waving her arms wildly and motioning for me to sit with her. I ducked my head and walked quickly to the table. "So, this is the cafeteria. They're serving meatloaf today," she squealed. Yay. Meatloaf. 

"Ummm, I'm a vegetarian. Do they sell-like-a special veggie meal here?"

Jennifer threw her head back laughing. 

"I thought Texans liked their BBQ!"

I rolled my eyes. Mental note: Pack my own lunch. 

The End

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