Midnight Rising: Chapter sixMature

It had been nearly a week since Melanie’s disappearance, and everyone was talking about it, it dominated the front of every newspaper, and was on the news every night. The police suspected that the person who took Melanie was the same person who took Mrs. Harrows a few days ago.

I didn’t realise before, but the events surrounding Mrs. Harrows death were pretty suspicious, she’d gone out one night to get some milk, and had never come back. All they’d managed to find was some of her blood and her shoe.

I wish I'd been told before, I’d never of let Melanie and Rosa out on their own all day. I kept playing the things that had happened over and over in my mind, it was ridiculous, things like this never, ever happened on our island. It was always so peaceful, so friendly and warm, but now it was like a dark cloud hung over everyone, and everywhere. I just wanted it to be over. 

There was a lot of speculation and people being taken in for questioning, but nothing else. Everyone believed Melanie and Mrs. Harrows were dead, and the police believed the killer would go for another victim soon, so everyone was scared to leave their homes.

Rosahad become so distant, sat in her room, refusing to talk to me, she wouldn’t eat, and I could hear her screaming in the night, the nightmares that had haunted her from childhood were back, and they were ten times worse.

The phone began to ring, and I ran to it eagerly, desperate for any news.


“Hi, Pearl, it’s Kelly. Melanie’s mum,” Came a voice from the other end,

“Hi, Kelly, how are you doing?” I could hear that my voice was thick with sympathy, and I hated myself for it.
”I’m… ok. The kids won’t sleep in their own beds, they have to sleep in mine, so I’m not getting much sleep.”
”Oh, I know, but that will pass, it did forRosa after her dad and brothers...” I trailed off at the end,  even after all these years it was still painful to say it out loud.

“I called to asked if you’d hear the news…” She started

“News about what?” I asked, immediately becoming filled with worry

“It’s Jane,Pearl. Jane Langton.”

My heart sank, an icy feeling filled my stomach ‘Please, God not her,’ was all I could think

 “She’s not been taken has she?” I managed to whisper hoarsely after a few moments

“I’m so sorryPearl,” Came the answer, “She went to get her kids from school yesterday, but she never arrived. They found her car and it had blood in it. They say there was too much blood for her to survive it. I’m sorry. I knew you were close.”

After we hung up, I went to sit down, in shock. Jane had been a really good friend to me, we had both lost our husbands, and we supported each other. I couldn’t believe anyone would do this to her, she was an amazing person, and a wonderful mum to her five children. I don’t know what they’d without her, the youngest was only six, and the only relatives they had were an aunt and uncle who had four children of their own to look after. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

The monster who was doing this had to be stopped.

The End

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