Midnight Rising: Chapter fourMature

“Rosa, hurry up and get dressed!” I cried, “Mrs. Harrows will be here very soon!”
”I’m coming, Mother!”Rosa snapped back, “Just be patient!”

I rolled my eyes, “teenagers,” I muttered under my breath.

Finally, Rosa emerged from her room, wearing all black again. I raised my eyebrows,

“What?”Rosa snapped, “I can wear what I want to!”

“I just think you’ve got loads of colourful clothes, why have you been wearing all black for the past week? I don’t want to going all morbid on me,”

“Well, I did just die, Mother,” Rosa reminded me, taking her usual seat round the dining room table.

I looked at the clock, half past nine; Mrs. Harrows was supposed to be here half an hour ago, she’d been tutoring Rosa for the past five years, and had never once been late.

I wondered over to the phone, and dialled her number; it only managed to ring once, before it was snapped up “Hello?” A male voice answered, he sounded exhausted.

“Hello?” I replied, “Is Mrs. Harrows there?”

“No, I’m sorry. Are you Rosa’s mum?”
”Yes,” I said, confusedly

“I’m sorry, I meant to ring you, it’s just been really hectic, I’m Mrs. Harrows's husband, my wife went missing two days ago, no-one’s seen her or heard from her,”

“Oh my goodness,” I whispered, “I’m so sorry,”

“Yeah, I’m surprised you haven’t seen the missing posters, they’re all over the island, I put them up yesterday”
”I’ve been staying in the house for the past few days, we don’t really get out much,” I explained, “I’ll call you if I hear anything,”
We both hung up, and I turned to Rosa, “She’s not coming.” I stated

“Ok,”Rosa said, starting to head back to her room,

“Don’t you want to know why?” I asked

“Is she sick?” Rosa asked exasperatedly, rolling her eyes. 

“No, she’s missing,”

“Really?”Rosa said, looking concerned “How long for?”

“Two days,” I answered,

“Oh, maybe she’s left, walked out on her family or something,”Rosa suggested

“I don’t think so, she was so in love with her husband, and she had two young children she adored,”

Rosa shook her head, unsure of what to think or say, and continued back to her room. I sat on the sofa, slightly shocked, I’d always gotten on really well with Mrs. Harrows, she was a very lovely person, and had helped Rosa so much, I only hoped nothing terrible had happened to her.

The End

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