Midnight Rising: Chapter twoMature

I sat on the cold, damp grass, staring at the tiny lifeless body that lay there. Willow Lee was walking round in a circle, muttering things in an unfamiliar language under her breath and placing candles on the ground as she went. 13 candles, rosemary, deadly nightshade, rose petals and my blood. The list of things shehad given me which were needed to perform this ritual.

I looked down at my watch, 5 minutes till midnight, when the ritual would finally begin.

As the minutes passed, brining us closer to midnight, Willow Lee’s chants got louder and louder, and faster and faster, until we heard the bell’s chiming midnight, when she went silent. When the bells had finished chiming, Willow Lee started her chants again, moving around the circle of candles, lighting them as she went, she then spread the rose petals over Rosa’s body, then the rosemary, and finally the deadly nightshade.

She took my hand in her own, and picked up a dagger with the other. Her pale eyes met mine, “Are you sure about this? There’s no going back once it’s done.”
I nodded silently. I was certain. This was all I wanted. I felt a sharp pain as the dagger sliced my hand, I was then dragged from candle to candle, pouring my blood onto each one. The flames grew as my blood hit them, growing tall and hot, Willow Lee stood above my daughter’s body, chanting and chanting, louder and louder, faster and faster. I could hear the wind roaring and the thunder crashing, it sounded as if all of nature was joining in with Willow’s chants. The noise was growing and growing, becoming deafening, but still my daughter’s body lay lifeless.

“Wake up,” I whispered, moving to sit next to her, “Wake up, Rosa, please,”

Willow Lee’s chants were practically screams now, the trees surrounding us were nearly being torn down by the fiercesom wind, and still the flames grew, taller and taller, getting brighter and hotter as they grew, the thunder roared, and lightning lit the sky, then all was silent.

The flames disappeared, the wind stopped,Willow was quiet, and we were left in the dark and empty silence.

“Speak to her,” Willow whispered, “Ask her to come back,”
I nodded, and took Rosa’s hand, “Come back, sweetie, breathe again. Please, do it for mummy, I love you sweet heart, please come back to me.”

Rosa’s eyes flicked open “Mum…?”

The End

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