Midnight RisingMature

Pearl Harding has already lost so much in her life, so when her daughter, Rosa dies she is determined not to lose her too.
She goes to Willow Lee, a witch, so that she will preform the Midnight Rising, an action which will have disaterous consequences for the whole island...

I knew what I had to do. I’d known all along. I’d planned it since she was a little girl. Always sick, so small and pale.

I couldn’t lose her.

I wouldn’t.

I’d lost too much already.

I won’t let her be taken from me, not ever.


A thick fog hung in the air and the ground was still wet from last night’s storm, my thin slippers were quickly soaking up the icy water, but I didn’t care, I needed to get to her house. It was half way across the island, and I was still in my pyjamas but it didn’t matter, I would get there, and I would save my little girl.

After half an hour’s walk I finally got to the lonely, old dilapidated house, and ran to the door and began frantically knocking.

“WillowLee!” I shouted “Answer the door; I need to speak to you.”


“Willow Lee! Answer this door right now!” I was still knocking desperately, “Willow, if you don’t answer this door I swear I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” Came a quiet voice from behind me, barely louder than a whisper. I spun around to see Willow Lee’s tall and imposing frame, her pale eyes studying me.

I stood, speechless, unsure of what to say.

“Pearl Harding?” She asked, to which I nodded, “You’re here about yourRosa, aren’t you?”

I nodded again, and she brushed past me, opening her front door, a small gesture indicating her inviting me in.

“Rosa died this morning,” I said weakly

“What time?” She asked

“I don’t know, she went to bed around nine, and when I came to check on her she was…” I trailed off, not wanting to say it again.


“Pardon?” I asked, unsure of what she meant

“Was she cold when you came to check on her?” She clarified

“Yes,” I whispered, “Freezing,”

“Right, well she’d been dead a few hours then. But I think it would be safe to say she died after midnight,”

“Why does it matter?” I asked

She studied me again for a few moments before she spoke, although she spoke quietly her melodious tone filled the hallway, “You are here about the Midnight Rising, are you not?”

“Yes I…”

“Which has to take place precisely three nights after the death of the person whom you wish to raise,”

She turned her back on me and walked quickly and gracefully into another room, leaving me stood in the hallway, unsure of whether to follow her or not. I didn’t like being left on my own in this house; I’d never been inside before. It was just as shabby and decrepit as it appeared from the outside, there was no lighting so I had to hold on to the wall to try and guide myself down the corridor, to the room that Willow Lee had entered.

I pushed the door open, and stepped into an equally decaying sitting room, with peeling yellow wall paper, and old trunks piled everywhere; it was through these trunks that Willow Lee was now rummaging.

“What are you looking for?” I asked

She didn’t answer and kept looking through the trunks, until she eventually pulled out a huge, leather bound book, which looked nearly as ancient as Willow Lee herself. She’d been young once, and beautiful too, if the stories were anything to go by, but that was many years ago now, and I would only have been a little girl, I couldn’t remember.

She flicked through the pages, and then stopped when she got to a page marked with big, bold letters at the top which said “Midnight Rising”

“Will you do it?” I asked, desperately, “Will you bring her back?”

“That depends. Why should I?” She asked, turning to face me, her pale eyes boring into me.

“I’ll pay you, I know I don’t have much, but I swear, I’ll give you everything I have…”

“No. I don’t mean that,” She said firmly, “I mean, what makes yourRosamore important than any other little girl. Why should I save her?”

She studied me again, as I stood staring at her, trying to get my mind straight so that I could answer.

“After all I’ve lost, I can’t loose her too. I’ve already lost my husband, my twin boys. I’ve lost my home, my business and all of my money. She’s all I have.Rosa is my baby girl, she’s everything to me and I would do anything for her.” Hot tears spilled down my face, “Please bring her back, please,” I begged.

Willow Lee’s face did not change at all during the whole conversation, but a tiny nod of the head signalled it. She would do it.

She would give me my Rosa back.

The End

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