Elaina: Getting There

It wasnt that long of a ride to the campsite. I was content to take in the scenery around me, to huddle up inside of my sweatshirt and listen to my music. This whole thing was already turning into a disaster.

"Hey, Elaina," came a soft voice, and then someone was sitting down next to me. I looked up to see Kata Vates. I guess she'd be considered my best friend. We were both pretty broken, and we found a solace in each other for that. She was wearing  a tight black shirt with a band logo across the chest, one I didnt recognize. Long sleeves, just like me. Hiding.

"Hey," I replied. "Who'd you get?"

"Some science geek. Oh well. But you're stuck with Hallie, huh? That blows."

I didnt say anything; I didnt really have anything to say. Kata was staring at me with wide eyes, ones that showed just how shattered she was. I wondered if it was so apparant on my own face.

Mitch was sitting with his friends, with Hallie and the other jocks. He had his arm around her shoulder, and she was leaning into him. The whole thing made me positively sick.

"You're staring," Kata said lowly. "Come on, Elaina. Why cant you just settle for someone in our clique?"

"Because cliques are stupid," I told her lamely. I didnt want to talk anymore. I wanted to listen to Mumford and Sons and think about how hopeless this all was. Becaus, really, it was. Hopeless.

The campsite we arrived to was dreary at best. There was a clearing in the middle of some forest, overgrown and twisting with shrubs. "Here we are!" Mr Pearson shouted. It was abnormal to have that much excitment about this. Or anything, really.

I was still hovering close to Kata, so that at least I didnt look alone. I still had one headphone in, the other dangling before me. "So, everyone needs to get with their partners. We're going to set up the tents in a circle..."

I stopped listening about then, because I knew Hallie would just take control of it all anyway. Instead I let my gaze trail off into the woods, so dark and ominous. I couldnt deny that I was almost entranced by them, as if something was pulling me...


I jumped at the sound of my name. A few yards away, amidst the trees, there was a girl. She was wearing a thin white dress that clung to her slender frame. She smiled at me, and it might have been gentle. Except that it revealed a row of perfectly pointed teeth.

"Kata!" I whispered, elbowing my friend in the side. But by the time she looked, the girl had vanished into the trees. Perhaps she'd never even been there at all. Kata was giving me a look like I was insane. "Nevermind," I muttered. I turned my attention back to Mr Pearson and prayed to whatever god that I wouldnt lose my mind out here.

The End

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