Henry: The Idiot in Green

A few of the lads snickered as our good friend(?) Hallie bickered with the emo chick from class 3. We don't know her name, but some of the guys said she slits her wrists and is a depresso or something.

'Hallie looks severe... scary.' Mitch, my "partner" or "buddy", shuddered. We each gave a smirk as he peered over the tops of our chairs to get a better look at the sour expression that was plastered on Hallie's face. I haven't seen her that angry since she got mooned by the nerd in the year below. It was hilarious, her knee's squashed against her perfectly flat tummy, I wondered if they'd snap against the weight of her baggage. The emo kid who was planted next to her was plugged into her ear buds, staring out of the window like the world was about to end.

'Never mind that. Mitch... what the hell are you wearing?' I snorted, gesturing to his tee which was bright green with a leprechaun printed on it, not to forget the rainbows and gold which lay behind the little green fellow.


'Your gonna get beaten up you twat.' I grunted.

'No I wont. We're going camping. The only things that'll get offended are the tree's 'cause I'm greener than 'em.' Mitch's feeble attempt at a joke didn't even crack a smile from myself, but some of the other retards around us sniggered quietly.

'And the leprechans.'A idiotic voice called from the front of the bus.

'It's leprechaun you rem!' Mitch shouted, earning a round a heavy laughter and a voice in denial.

I had to admit that I laughed at that one. But to be honest, it was usually me he made dumb remarks like that and I was the one who was laughed at. I mean, I'm not exactly in Set One for all subjects... only for games.

  I stretched out my long legs in front of me, earning a few glares from the girls who were sat in those seats as I accidentally kicked the backs of their legs.

'This is gonna be a long trip... ugh...'

The End

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