Midnight Mistakes


The bell rings, the fireworks go off, couples kiss, people dance and scream, and perhaps the president makes a speech. This is New Year's. Everything is anew on January 1st. Everyone seeping in curiosity of whether a promotion, marriage or fame is ahead of them. 

Generally, it as a happy time. Emphasis on the generally. For some, New Year's just means time is slipping through their fingers. That even after however many years, nothing has happened, and at this rate, nothing will ever happen, wishing they were on the rooftop watching the fireworks, rather than on the local news with cheap alcohol. These are the thoughts of the sorrowful and the lonely. 

And for others who experience New Year's in a negative light - they know that the rest of the year is going to be downright shit. They know it, and they can feel it in their very soul. These are the people who wish time would stop then and there. 

Sadly, for them, January 2nd, 3rd, 4th and February will inevitably follow. As well as December 29th, 30th, and 31st. And as long as one lives, they will experience every second of the 86,400 that occur in a day. And all twenty four hours, and up to the 1440th minute. But of course, it feels much longer. 

Through all that, they must live with that gut feeling and experience the 'shit' that happens over the year. And most of the time, that shitty year is only shitty because of them. They are usually the only ones to blame. 

The End

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