Another Dive Into Slumberness

Shocked. Surprised. Confused. Kurt was heavily disturbed by Emily's words earlier. He just can't think wisely now, as he slowly walks down the street. It's just something that he couldn't believe his both ears to hear. Something that just sound so stupid, like thanking you for something you had done in your own dream. "Met in your dream"? What the hell you mean by that? A complete stranger, saying strange things to him!

It was all like crazy words to him. But Kurt still remember the girl who saved him in his nightmare. Her face, her curves, her eyes, and Emily also share her voice! Is the girl inside his dream is the girl who showed up to be his new classmate? It's that even possible? Kurt could not remove his complicated thought that lurks inside his brain now. By the way, the closer he is to home, the further those thoughts being washed away out of his mind.

Just like everyone else, home sweet home. He enjoys being inside the house, as it is the only place that would not abuse his privacy. But he was often being "abused" by little Sven, who sometimes, wants to spend his quality time playing with his brother, out of Kurt's enjoyment.

Kurt reaches a white-painted, large house. There's a plainly carved wood hanged to a pole with words "THE JONESES" written on it. He enters the house, with just a simple "hello", and slowly walks to his room. His mother was at the kitchen preparing dinner, noticing that Kurt's home. She was about to respond to him but her son's behaviour made her changed her mind. She thought that her son might be deal with some personal issues out there in school which she would keep her nose out of it, unless her son would come to her for Mom's words of wisdom.

Later that evening, the family are having dinner. But the Dad is absent, maybe due to work. Arthur sometimes couldn't make it home for dinner, with loads of work to be done. After dinner, Anna is busy with dish-washing, Sven tuned into his favorite cartoon show, while Kurt is ready to go to sleep. He prays that for tonight, he would not have that kind of dreams haunting him again. He slowly closes his eyes, hoping that Sandman even comes to makes him sleep faster.


It's a barren land. Seems like he's in the middle of a dead town in a cowboys movie. Nothing  special about the scene, but that doesn't stop him to take a look around town. But he didn't know, he's been watched from afar. And yeah, it's one of those monsters again, trying to kill him...

The End

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