The Blond and the Black-Haired Girl

Physics class was never this loud. The classmates were hyped up about Kurt's reaction towards the transfer student. Kurt Jones, in their eyes, is a silent, introvert guy who don't show an interest in women. All of a sudden he acts like a he's in a sort of a drama, making everybody enthused about it.

"Okay, that's enough jokes for today, folks.", the teacher ends the commotion. He then give a smile to Emily. "Have your seat, Campbell. Class is about to start."

Emily walks slowly towards her seat, which is next to Kurt's. As she walks, she slowly approach Kurt. "So, this is my seat, right?", she said that to Kurt and she takes her seat, giving a full attention to the class. While Kurt didn't stop to stare her even though the whole class is paying attention to the physics' lessons in front.

Kurt's attention now is for Emily. Class after classes, he never stop to stare at her. There's something about her that makes he keep staring her. The thing he wonders about now, is how could a girl from his dream is real? They never met before, even Kurt didn't ever remember his female friends or acquaintances with the name "Emily Campbell". She really looks like the girl inside his dream. A beautiful, slender, black-haired girl with a calm blue eyes. This time, he feels like he's having some kinda deja vu. From classes to break time until school's end, he tries to have a conversation with Emily. But, she is much more a quieter and silent person than him.

After school, Kurt just walks straight to the locker. Waiting there is his friend, Ted, who's also waiting for him. Upon seeing Kurt, Ted wave his hand. Kurt just give a sigh as his reply. "Hey...", Ted says. "What actually happened, man? You just can't sigh if it's just about girls." Kurt just remain silent. He doesn't show any response towards Ted.

"Hey, Ted. Did I look weird today?", Kurt begins to speak.

"Well, you did. I am a bit worried, too. Y' know, maybe you're high or something."

"I'm not. Just... I think about her a lot."

"Who? That new girl? I know she's hot. So, she's your type, huh?"

"It's not like that. There's something about her that bothers me."


"Hey, Theodore. Let's get home quick.", it was Ted's sister, Kelly. Ted and Kurt ends their conversation for that day, leaving Kurt at the locker still thinking of what Ted's going to say earlier.


The voice came from behind him as he opens his locker. He recognize the voice, and that shocks him, like he was tased from behind. He turn his back, and...


"Hi. Um, Emily, right? Sorry about today. I-I don't know but it's like... well, like I've met you before.", he said that with a sheepish smile. Emily is also smiling. "I'm sorry. It's so silly of me. I made your first day in school a funny memory, right? Hahaha...."

"We met in your dream. Anyway, thank you for saving me. Yesterday's Nightmare is a tough one, though. Well, see you tomorrow.", Emily walks off, leaving Kurt with confusion.

Kurt is damn shocked of her reply.

The End

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