Initial Step

"Hey, Kurt. Wake up!!", a young boy's voice is heard, calling for the guy who's still laying in the bed.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!", the young boy's tone is getting high, trying to make the guy open his eye lid that sealed close.

The guy begin to open his eyes. Breathe deep to stabilize himself to enter the reality from such a horrible nightmare. He's shocked from a terrible fantasy of a night that he wouldn't think he was able to survive.

"Wake up!!!", now the young boy's pitch is higher.

"I'm awake already! You little...", the guy yelling out loud to the child.

"Mommy, he yells at me!", the young boy tries to make a complaint for the response he get. 

"Shut up, Sven! I'm awake now, you see."

"Breakfast ready, boys.", there's a voice of a man calling out to them downstairs.

"Comin'.", simple answer from the guy. "Just get outta my room, Sven.", he's ordering his little brother with a sharp look.

Soon after, the guy coming down to the dining room, grab a sandwich and eat it without having a seat. The young boy seems to enjoy the cereal that was prepared by their mother. The boss of the house is busy with his tablet computer, browsing the net for news.

"I'm off.", a simple answer by the guy who looks like in a rush.

"Okay, honey.", a woman voice heard answering it. The guy walks out of the house and he's off to the streets.

That's a normal day of The Joneses. The guy's father, Arthur Jones is in his early 40s, works as an editor of a sports magazine. His mother, Anna, is in her late 30s, a happy housewife in the house. Her family originates back to Germany. Sven is a seven years-old boy, the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The first child of the two siblings is a 16 years-old blonde-haired guy, high school student in his junior year. His given name is Kurt. He doesn't develop much liking to everything, he's quite an introvert. But that doesn't mean he didn't know how to make friends. He's a friendly person, got himself many best friends, but sometimes he needs a space of his own.

Woodbuck High School, is the school Kurt is attending. The morning there is the same as always, the air is same as always, the girls are as pretty as always, and his classmates are as cheerful as always.

"Hey, Kurt. Mornin'!", there's a friend of Kurt greets him.

"Morning, Ted.", he answers him and ends it with a sigh.

"What's wrong, man? You look pale. Did you have enough sleep?"

"I don't. That's the problem."

"You need to get enough sleep. I told ya not to watch porns before! You'll get addicted to it, see?"

"It's not because of watching movies..."

"You don't watch porns? That's weird, man."

"It has nothing to do with porn stuff."

"So you don't watch porn, huh.", Ted begins to have a sceptical look.

"Cut it off. I'm alright.", Kurt tries to end the conversation to avoid misunderstanding from the whole class begin to eavesdrop on them. He really hates rumours and gossip lurking inside the campus, especially about him.

The school bell rings, and for the first period, the class are going to have Physics. The door opens up and a man enters the classroom. They are going to have their lesson soon.

"Okay, guys. We are going to have a new classmate.", the teacher makes an announcement.

The students are beginning to whisper, making some noise. Then, there's a girl enter the classroom slowly. She's slender, black-hair, and looks beautiful but her shy and discomfort look is making the class' male gazed at her with awe.

"She's a girl from Tacoma, transferred from her old school there to Woodbuck High. Well, would you like to introduce yourself to them or you going to leave it to me, miss?", he asked. The girl leaves no reply.

Meanwhile, Kurt doesn't give any attention to the teacher or the new transfer student in the front. He's still wondering what actually those weird dream he had recently means. He do wonder if he does have a syndrome like insomnia but he does have a good sleep and it's not like he has problem to go to sleep. It's just a series of weird dream, haunting him each night in his slumber, which the one he had last night is the worse.

"Guys, meet Emily Campbell from Tacoma. She will studies here until graduation, I guess. Well, from what can I see, she's a shy, nice girl. Hope you guys could make friends with her. By the way, Miss Campbell, my name is Henry Green, I teach Physics and it's nice to have you in my class. You may have a seat now, lady.", the male teacher shows her an empty seat, next to Kurt's. "Hey, Jones! Show her the seat, would you?", the teacher calls out to Kurt.

When Kurt is about to paying attention, he is shocked to see the girl standing in front of the class...

"It can't be...", Kurt express his shock.

"What is it that can't be, Jones? I'm asking you to show this lady her seat, please.", the teacher said with a little smile. Now he knows someone doesn't give an attention.

"You're from... last night.", Kurt is now making the whole class turns loud.

"Last night? You watch too much porn, Kurt!", Ted's voice is heard well despite all the loudness in the class.

"Whoa, whoa there. What is actually happens between you two?", the male teacher asked Emily who's also shocked to hear whatever things out of Kurt's tongue.

Kurt is sure, hundred-percent confirmed, that he recognizes the transferred student. He's totally sure. There's no doubt about it...

The End

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