The Nightmare

Kurt Jones' life will not be the same again after a series of weird nightmare in his sleep turns out to be something beyond reality.

It's a dark night. Only a gasp of a man is heard in the darkness. For sure he's running from someone, or something, but the gasp getting faint, more and more. He tries to hide when  he entered a dark alley, but his fear makes him run despite of the darkness.

He can't think that hiding could save him now,  not after he watch his family got killed one by one by a nasty creature. Not just that, his entire neighborhood got slaughtered when he opened the front door, leaving bodies to be witnessed. He ran to find a phone booth, tried to call for help, before an evil-looking creature scratch it's claw on the booth's glass.

What can he do at the moment? Scream? Yes, he did. Cry? Well, he did sooner. Pee? Gladly he still could make it. Run. He ran away from that thing as far as he could go. No, he ran so fast that he feel for sure that thing won't get any chance to even see him. But that thing just keep chasing him. Even any route and path he took, there's that thing on his back.

He reachs the end of the alley. A dead end. He couldn't find any way out. He's trapped. But the creature is not there. He breathe heavily, forcing air to enter his choked lungs. He's beat. He couldn't take it anymore. Yet, he can't tell himself to think that he is safe now. The darkness could makes him feel that he is actually in real danger. He can't rely on the darkness. When he regained his energy back, then those two red eyes begin to appear on him. That THING is here. With a nasty look, it glared at the man. A terrible looking ever being, now meets the eyes of a trembling young man. A look on the face of that creature can be described as evil, eerie, scary, and anything impossibly could be tell by words. It's obvious that it is hungry by now, ready to devour the man inside its eyes.

No hope left for the young man. His family, and everyone seems dead right after he opened the front door. He could still recall the thing rips off the head of his younger brother. That's nothing normal for him to witnessed, although he sometimes watch scary movies and thriller. But, in his heart now, he just want to scream, "What the hell is happening?!". It can't be real. Gained his conciousness again, and there's a blade-like thing from the creature's hand, about to cut his neck off his body.


Three shots heard. A silhouette appears in a faint light, from the creature's back. The creature looks behind, only to be shoot again through its head. As the creature yells in pain, the silhouette shoot it over and over again, splashing blood all over the place. The shooting stops, and the silhouette walks closer to the alley's end. Well, what can the young man see in the faint light is a girl, holding a gun, with a coat over her body. Just as a hitman attire, or maybe like a detective in fictions looks, her appearance is somewhat like a weirdo would try. The creature fights back, punching her and now use its blade-like claw to slash her hand. She's still shooting, and that thing runs to her to make her stop. By cutting her hand's off, by all means.

Then the creature got her. It managed to cut her belly. She's injured. "Dammit, now who's gonna save the hero?". Those words would be spit out if this is a TV series, haha. She managed to get up despite the injury, blasting a several shots to the creature, making it writhes in pain. The creature managed to turn tides in the fight, choking the girl as a result. The gun fell off the girl's hand.

She can't think of anything other than saving the guy. She did, but the trembling man can't think of anything other than crying for the time being. As she felt harder to breath, she must think of something to escape. She tries to kick and punch and anything and she got thrown as a result. Now the creature's attention is no longer for that crying young man, but towards the heroic girl who suddenly shows up and shot it in her sudden appearance.

As she couldn't think of escaping her death, as the blade-like claw is swung to her head, there's a shot heard. When the girl open her eyes, the creature's head already shattered to pieces. It was the man, holding a gun, with a trembling look. The creature's body fall to the ground, letting go of the girl. The man, throw the gun away, look's scared as hell. "Are you okay?", the girl asked. The man couldn't say a word. "We're safe now, thanks to you.", she added. Again the guy won't give her a reply.

"I will send you to your conciousness back.", she said. She hold the man's hand, and then...


The End

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