Nightmare EncounterMature

When she woke the next night, her mind was set on only one thing. She got up, changing into tight leathers and a long black jacket with a red blouse, open, showing her black lacy bra. She ruffled her hair a little and turned to Lazarus. “Come on, I got you a present,” she smiled, though it wasn’t something he might like. She had a silver-bladed knife attached to her trousers, in plain view of the vampires she would see. She breathed in and out a little. “I could do this,” she mumbled to herself, “I can do this.” She rummaged into the bag on her dressing table and smiled.

Lazarus was already awake, watching her as she changed. “What would that be?” He asked as she pulled out a long leather collar, with a thin silver chain dangling from a hook from the front. She attached the silver chain to the back and turned, showing him.

“Your collar, dog,” she spat, testing out her voice. Her cold tone toward him shocked herself and instantly she didn’t like it. He took a moment to remind himself it was just an act as he nodded. "I'm gonna hate this." She whined, straightening herself up as she tied it round his neck. "I really am."

"Don't worry about it, as long as it gets us out alive," she nodded and sighed. He got up and changed into a pair of ragged jeans, which had been torn and slashed and then, from Melissa’s instructions, kept his top half bare.

“One last thing,” she murmured, gently tilting his head with her hands. “Stay still.” He did just that as she sunk her fangs into his shoulder, injecting a slight amount of poison so it would heal and scar. “There, meet the vamps,” she shuddered.  

He nodded his eyes thoughtful for a moment. "How should I address you?"

"I dunno, don't. But, if they talk to you it's always sir and what not." She sighed, pulling him into a tight hug. "I promise I'll keep us safe."

Smiling slightly, he hugged her back. “I know.” She nodded and stood up straight, a slight scowl pulling at her lips as she walked out of the apartment and down the stairs, as they were walking down the street Melissa tried to gather everything she knew together.

“Right, always keep behind me. Never talk back, always use sir and madam and always answer briefly and to the point.” She instructed, “Just think of them as upper-class people that will kill you if you don’t behave, unfortunately. You’ll have to treat me the same way.”

"I think I can manage that one. Ma'am,” she scowled at the title and sighed.

"Good, I'll try to handle everything else," he nodded and they made their way to the coven house silently.

The coven house was a giant, looming building and as they got close to the monstrously high iron gates the vampire guards scowled, “halt, who are you and why are you being followed by a dog?”

“I am Melissa, I have an appointment with my coven master and this dog is my servant, I do not trust him in my home, alone. So he is here with me.” She flashed the knife at her side. “He will behave.” They nodded and let her through.

The doors to the main building opened by themselves and they walked through. “Melissa Rose, may I say it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Melissa nodded, bowing to him, “as is the same to meet you, you know my name, my birth date and age I presume.”

The guy nodded, “yes, what is your power?”


“Oh, that is something new, care to demonstrate?” She nodded, shadow-forming into a black cat and back again.  “Welcome to Paris, my name is Darren. I am three times your elder and I permit you to drink here, if you can tell me what this mongrel is doing here.”

“Yes, if you please sir, he is my servant, you have tasted wolf blood?”

“No, I have not, but I have heard it is the richest and rarest blood of all.”

Melissa nodded, “it is, so, if it so rare, why kill the species? Why not keep one as your blood servant?”

“You, mongrel, what is your name?” Darren spat,

"Lazarus, sir," he bowed and Darren nodded approvingly.

“He’s very obedient, isn’t he? Mind if I feed from him?”

Melissa took a little while to compose herself, “I’m afraid he has just been drank from.” She tapped the marks on his shoulders.

“Oh, well, perhaps when you come back. I hope you wish to join our coven?”

She thought on it for a moment, politely, although she knew she never would. “I’m afraid not, thank you.”

“You’re not taken are you?”

“No. I’m not.”

“Then perhaps, you may want to see me again?”

“Oh, umm... I’m busy.” He moved a little closer to her, placing his lips on hers.

“Maybe I could sway you otherwise?”

“No, I don’t think you could.” He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her closer to him, "Get off me!"

"Umm, sir, I would gladly let you feed from me if you could please stop upsetting my mistress," as soon as Darren let go of her she spread her wings, sprinting to Lazarus first.

 "No, we're leaving,” she grabbed him in a tight hug.

"I think that might upset a few people, ma'am," he pretended to protest; though he couldn't say that he wasn't glad they were leaving early.

"I'm sure they'll be okay, you shouldn't be so kind Lazarus," she whispered, trying not to growl at his disobedience. He said nothing further and as they broke from the door with a sprint she sighed, speaking only when they were high in the sky. "I am so glad to be out of there!"

The End

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