Wedding Dress of DreamsMature

Melissa waited until day time and till Lazarus was asleep before she took her parasol and slipped out of the house. On the way home after their encounter with Albert she saw a shop, a shop she was now, unknowingly going to spend the whole day in.

She tried on champagne, red, silver and beige dresses, accents or no accents, frills or no frills, silk or velvet; everything.  Then one caught her eye, mainly, it was silk, but she fell in love with it.

As she stared absently at it the store clerk spoke to her, in a wonderful French accent which Melissa elegantly matched, “I’m sorry, but that one’s for buy only.”

“I’m only here to buy and I can go for any price,” little did the clerk know she wasn’t going to pay anything, she would just return it once the wedding was over. But that, she loved that one, she would pay for that one.

“Well, only five in existence. The only reason we have one is because I know the French designer, isn’t it wonderful?” Melissa nodded and asked to try it on. The clerk looked at her for a little while, but then nodded. “You have a wonderful figure; I think it may be perfect for you.”

She tried it on and it fit, snugly, hugging her every curve. She looked at herself in the mirror and instantly said, “I’ll take it.”

It had feathers layered on the bodice. But the dipped in the middle of her chest so the feathers only just covered her breasts.  It had a silk skirt on the bottom, which was accented with a shinier silk, creating a spiral pattern. But the bottom separated at the knee, into two parts, that were decorated with feathers, outlining the separation all the way down and around the bottom. It laced up at the back and had no sleeves.

Melissa bought it; all one thousand euro’s worth of it and then asked if the store keeper would keep it there. But, when she got outside the sun was setting and the store had closed. “Oh no, I didn’t leave a note! I didn’t expect to be gone, all day.” She muttered, putting down her parasol and running off in the direction of the apartment.

She ran upstairs, knowing she could be faster that way, but she was still too late because as she opened the door Lazarus was already awake, sat at the piano. “Where you been?” He asked, not harshly, just inquisitively and Melissa smiled, putting her parasol on the coffee table she walked over, sitting beside him.

“Oh, no where in particular,” She shrugged, watching his finger glide over the keys.

Have fun being nowhere in particular?"

"Yes! Oh, yes,” she grinned.

"As long as you were having fun," he smiled back.

"I don't mean to be secretive. I just can't tell you."

"That's okay."

"Oh, Lazarus!" She squealed, jumping at him, her hands wrapping around his neck, stopping him from playing. "One, I don't deserve you, two, I can't wait! Three, I really don't deserve you."

He laughed, wrapping his arms around her too, "I love you," he murmured in her ear.

"And I you, Lazarus, oh, more than I can say." He simply grinned and kissed her passionately, she kissed him back.

The End

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