We're both off limits.Mature

Lazarus' smile fell instantly, replaced by a poorly hidden scowl.

"Hello Lazarus, hello angel," Albert smiled.

"What're you doing here?" Lazarus asked irritably.

"What am I not allowed to walk my own street?"

"You didn't have to interrupt us, y'know."

"Why, what were you doing?"

"Having a nice, quiet hug, minding our own business."

"Right, I just wondered if I was invited to your wedding." He gritted his teeth and glanced at Melissa.

"No chance in hell." She glowered. His smile only widened.

"For an angel, you're not very nice are you?"

Lazarus unclenched his jaw enough to talk. "Listen, we just want to get married and live quietly in a Paris suburb. Please could you not make it harder than it already is to live in peace?"

"I have nothing better to do." He shrugged. "And if you don't play nice, I'll tell the alpha you're marrying a vampire and he'll have you both killed. But I might just save her and make her a slave while you get torn apart." His voice was cheery as he threatened the pair, watching their reactions.

Melissa growled, clenching her fists together as she looked at him. "Over my final-death body."

He put a hand on Melissa's shoulder, giving Albert a wary look. "You could have told him when I proposed. Why change your mind just because I'm asking that we be left in peace?"

"Because I don't want to, plus, I like making you think you have a choice. Also, Melissa, blood does just taste like blood to us. I would have never licked it off your chin though." His hand on Melissa's shoulder tightened slightly as he did his best not to launch himself at Albert and tear him to shreds.

"You're sick Albert, what pleasure are you getting out of torturing us like this!?" she cried, horrified by the thought that he was watching them.

He grinned, "Quite a bit actually."

Lazarus winced as his stomach spasmed violently, making him wretch. "C'mon," he muttered to Melissa, tugging on her arm gently, "let's go."

"Ah... wait a minute." Albert growled.

"No, no, let's go," Lazarus insisted, pulling on her arm again.

"Beta," He reminded Lazarus as Melissa looked between them.

"What of it?"

"I can bring the whole pack on you and contact your vampiric coven."

"What just because I'm trying to avoid a fight?" Lazarus gasped, the effort it was taking to remain in his human form showing through.

"I just want one last thing from you before you go." He shrugged.

"And what would that be?" Lazarus asked, grimacing as another spasm shuddered through his side.

Albert stepped forward, closing the gap between them he leant in to make it seem as though he was kissing Melissa but he turned his head so instead his lips brushed against Lazarus'. Melissa took a step back, watching in horror as Albert kissed Lazarus. Lazarus jerked backward, eyes wide.

Albert smiled, "Mmm, I wished you kissed back. It's not half as good when it's one-sided."

He managed to shake the look of disbelief from his face, but couldn't quite keep it out of his voice, "what the hell d'you think you're doing?!"

"Umm kissing you?"


"Because you're cute," he shrugged with a smile.

"I thought you were after Melissa, not me," Lazarus stuttered, unsure of what to do about the sudden change in Albert's approach.

"Mmm, you're both as good and I've already kissed her." He took a horrified step back, pulling Melissa with him. Melissa followed, without much persuasion to be pulled. She didn't look as horrified as Lazarus, instead blank as her mind ticked over.

Albert laughed. "Makes watching you have sex a whole lot more fun." He continued to laugh as he walked down the street away from them.

"Think I'll get away with ripping his throat out?" Lazarus growled, rubbing his side as his muscles twitched again.

"I... I dunno. I don't think I ever want to have sex again." She murmured, shuddering.

"No... Me either," he agreed. The idea of being watched like that made his skin crawl. This took Melissa aback a little.

"No consummating the marriage then..." She muttered. Part of her was, after all, still religious. It was hard to break away something she was brought up with.

"I'm going to buy shutters for the windows and make sure he can't see inside ever again."

Melissa nodded, but was still unsure about this stopping him... "So, Albert's bisexual?" Her mind couldn't quite get round it. She'd known him for so long.

"That or he's so bent on screwing with our heads that he doesn't care anymore..."

"Yeah, it's scary. I knew him for so long... he can't be." She thought about it and at the time how the church forbade it. Lazarus hadn't cared so much, but perhaps Albert had managed to hide it...

"At least I had the decency to let you know."

"Yeah...you won't ever... no, it's a ridiculous thought." She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the thoughts nagging at her.


"Leave me for him."

Lazarus' jaw slackened slightly in shock, "no! God, no!"

"I knew it was ridiculous."

"Why would I leave the woman I love for some arsehole that keeps screwing with our heads?" he murmured, almost stung that she had even considered it.

"I... don't know, sorry." He glanced up at the moon, and then down the road at Albert's shadow as it disappeared around the corner.

"He better watch out when the moon's full," he growled quietly, steering Melissa over to the door to the apartment block.

"No, you can't. You promised you'd stay with me."

"I want to rip his fucking throat out," he snarled, jabbing the number pad violently, pulling the door open.

"But, it'll be our honeymoon. You promised, even though you'd be in the wrong form, you'd stay with me," Melissa's voice betrayed a hint of a plea, and he words made Lazarus blink as she reminded him of his promise. He took her hand and sighed.

"I know. Sorry. I'll stay with you. He just gets under my skin," he muttered, rubbing his free hand across his forehead, frustrated, before calling the lift.

She nodded, "Yes, I'm not surprised. But, it irked me too seeing him..." She reached out, one of her pale fingers gently touching his lips before she shuddered. His eyes softened slightly as he stood in the lift with her.

"There was no need to do what he did," he mumbled, wiping his lips irritably with the back of his hand.

"There was no need for him to do any of what he does."

"No... but that felt like he just stepped over a line."

"I wish he'd kissed me instead, I guess, then it wouldn't have been as bad." He frowned slightly at her words.

"He shouldn't kiss either of us," he sighed, stepping out of the lift again as the doors opened, "we're both off limits."

The End

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