When are you going to leave me alone?Mature

Lazarus watched out of the window after her, "beat your wings!" he called after her, his voice concerned.

She took a deep breath, concentrating on her wings, concentrating on beating them like she'd seen the birds do thousands of times before. Slowly she pulled up, heading upwards toward the moon and the twinkling stars above. She held out her arms in a cross shape, bringing one leg up slightly as she looped over in the sky. "Wow..." she muttered, the feeling of the slight breeze ruffling her wings and the general feeling of not having her feet on the floor making her give out a little squeal of excitement. Lazarus breathed a sigh of relief, smiling as her silhouette moved across the moon and Melissa moved back to the window, holding her hand out to him. "Come on, take it."

"One sec," he muttered, climbing out of the window onto the ledge before taking her hand. She moved her arms to his waist and then pulled him off the ledge, falling slightly before pulling upwards slightly. He clung to her, not much liking the sudden dip.

"Look around," she whispered as she placed him down on top of a giant building so they stood in twilight alone.

He did just that, one arm around Melissa's waist as he took in the Parisian towns stretched out before them. The lights of the city scattered across the land for miles, and only they were able to see the beautiful view.

"Being able to fly is a definite advantage."

"Mmm... Gotta say having your feet on solid ground has just as many advantages, though."

"Pfft." Laughing, he twisted to kiss her warmly; she kissed back swiftly before sighing, "Fine, seeing as you like solid ground so much, I might just leave you here." She murmured, sitting on the edge of the building.

He sat beside her. "Sorry. I'm not used to flying. I still don't trust airplanes. I trust you though."

"I'm not about to explode though, I could drop you though, that would be a downside."

"Just as well falling is something I'm good at. I've jumped out of buildings too often," he chuckled, looking back at the view.

"You're kidding right?" she asked, her eyes widening slightly.

"Run ins with the police," he shrugged. And my fair share of drunken ‘stumbles' off the roofs of tall buildings.

"Ahh," She nodded, pushing off from the edge of the building, "call me strange, I like falling."

Lazarus contemplated what he was about to do for all of two seconds, before sliding from his perch on the edge of the roof, joining her in free fall. "Me too," he grinned as he came to her level, one hand on the wall to slow his fall a little.

"Better with someone to catch you though," She smiled, not beating her wings as the floor got closer.

"Infinitely," he agreed, sinking below her, his extra weight pulling him down faster. He brought his legs up slightly, ready to push himself away from the wall when he got to the right height. As they fell, Melissa moved her position so she was falling feet first, opening her wings her descent slowed and she landed daintily on the floor. Lazarus shoved himself away from the wall and leapt to the floor, landing in a crouching thud with an adrenaline fuelled grin on his face.

"So ungraceful," She sighed, shaking her head.

"Ever met a graceful dog?" he laughed, straightening.

"Hmm," she shook her head and laughed too, falling again, but this time into Lazarus.

He caught her, wrapping her in his arms, kissing her firmly. "Apart from my piano playing, of course," he winked.

She encased them both in her warm, feathery wings and smiled, "of course."

He smiled back silently and she felt someone tap her back, she started, folding her wings on her back. Who could be awake at this hour? She turned, instantly regretting the face that she saw. "When will you leave me alone, Albert?" She cried.

The End

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