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He smiled back, his breathing beginning to return to normal. She rubbed away the dribble of blood from her chin, licking it from her finger. "Sorry about that."

"That's okay."

"That must have tasted horrible." She laughed weakly, still slightly in disbelief that he had licked it off.

"Not really," he smiled as he slipped on his trousers, then his top.

"Why...?" She asked, slipping on her pants, then her skirt, followed by her bra and vest top.

"I'm a wolf. You're not the only hunter in this room," he muttered, pulling his own clothes back on.

"I'm the only cold-blooded one here though."

"Blood tastes like blood to me. I know it has a whole spectrum of flavours to you, but your blood tastes the same to me as... rabbit blood," he shrugged, sitting back on the sofa.

She nodded, moving back over with him, "maybe so. But still, you're the only one that can make me weak at the knees."

He grinned, pulling her into a hug. "Good to know."

She hugged him back. "My wolf..." she murmured smiling. "Mine."

"Always yours."

"Wonder if your wolf feels the same way," she mused, looking at him thoughtfully.

"Hmm... we'll get to spend our honeymoon testing that one. Bloody moon," he pulled a face, glaring out of the window at the bright orb that ruled over his life.

"Oh, nice." She murmured with a little despair. "Won't you have to be with the pack?"

"Sorry," he sighed, "but no. I'm not a part of the pack. I'm nothing to do with them."

"You've been invited though, haven't you?"

He laughed, "You think I'd be welcome in the pack while Albert's still there?"

"Albert's not Alpha."

"No, but he's beta. He'd do his best to make me unwelcome."

"He only hates you because you got my heart before he did and it serves him right."

"Well, either way, I'm nothing to do with them and I quite like it that way. Now I've got the bloody beast under control, I could probably transform here and stay with you. I mean, I'd be in the wrong form, but I'd still rather be with you."

She laughed slightly. "I don't mind, he's cute." He raised an eyebrow slightly, surprised.

"Cute? You sure we're thinking about the same creature here?"

"Well, when he thinks I'm in trouble and he protects me, or, when we lay together. He is."

A smile pulled his lips up at the corners. "Fair enough, just... hide the sofa from me this time."

"I need to get a collar for you."

His eye widened, "or not," he laughed, hoping she was joking.

"What, I always thought you'd suit a dog collar."

"Maybe when we go see your lot, but I'd rather it didn't become a permanent accessory."

"Aww." She laughed. "Well, as long as you behave. Oh! I want to meet them before I have another ring on my finger. I'll have to take this one off."

"We haven't got very long, then," he murmured.

"I'll have to start thinking of our story and rehearse my brutality."

"And I'll have to practice being pathetic food for said brutal vampire mistress," he laughed. Shouldn't be too hard, he figured, my whole life was a pathetic mess until I met Melissa.

"I will try to protect you as much as I can though. I mean, you're a slave to me, you're a slave to those higher than me." This statement didn't serve to fill him with hope, however.

"I just hope they don't decide to keep me as a pet," he shuddered slightly at the thought. They'd give him worse than a dog collar. She growled, bringing a hand in front of her furiously.

"I'd never let that happen!" She protested, "If that would be so, then I'd fight them off!" She stood and he shook his head in defiance.

"And if you tried to fight them, they'd most likely kill you. I'd rather they made me their pet than see you get hurt."

She shook her head, "Lazarus, as much as I like being protected by you I want to be your guardian angel too. I'd grow giant wings and fly us away." She murmured, and as soon as the image flew into her head shadows formed behind her and when they were blown away they left two giant white dove's wings in their wake. She felt them appear, "I guess my shadow's getting stronger."

Standing, he smiled and held her in her arms. "Then it's a deal. I'll be your over-sized guard dog if you'll be my beautiful guardian angel," he murmured, "but let's not be pessimistic, hmm?"

"I... I didn't mean for that to happen." She stuttered, flexing them slightly. "It feels funny." He reached out to touch the feathers, stroking them gently.

She opened them wide and turned glancing at them in horror. "What the?"

"Why the look of horror?"

"I'm no angel, plus, they're big. They're scary."

 "You're my angel."

"Yeah... I wanna fly." She grinned, beating her wings twice.

He let go and stood back, "go on then," he laughed. She nodded; walking to a window she opened it and crouched in the small arch. She jumped, and began falling... falling... falling. She looked at the ground rushing up to meet her in dismay and closed her eyes; she didn't particularly want to break any bones. 


The End

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