Whatever For?Mature

He chuckled, "whatever for?"

"For umm, yeah."

"Well you know I don't mind," he smiled.

"Yeah..." She had no idea why she stopped,

"Up to you, my love," he murmured in her ear, "what d'you want to do?"

She thought for a moment. "Heh, you choose." Smiling, he kissed her again, letting his own hands stray. "Ah, don't need to find out the answer to that then." She laughed, kissing him back.

"Letting the guy choose was always going to lead to one thing," he smirked. She nodded, her hands straying back to his trousers. He slid his hands down the back of her thighs, pulling her in against him before slipping them back up to her rear. She unzipped his trousers and smiled, whispering into his ear. "Sorry, my hands are a little cold." She laughed, "Just a little," as she slipped her hands beneath his boxers.

"I think I'm getting used to that," he muttered, pushing his hand up under her skirt with a smile.

"One down side to being de...a vampire, cold as ice," she smiled, trying not to remind him she was essentially a walking corpse.

"And my downside is being really hot," he winked and laughed at the bad joke as he pulled her pants away. She lifted one hand, fanning herself with it before slipping off his top. She lifted one hand, fanning herself with it before slipping off his top. Grinning at her, he relieved her of her skirt too, placing his hand teasingly between her legs.

She let out a little whine before pulling off her top. "Now, now, stop teasing me."

"Just warming you up a little," he said, giving her an innocent, wide-eyed look.

"Oh, you've already done that." He grinned, unclipping her bra and throwing it to the floor.

She smiled, "see anything you like?"

"Definitely," he mumbled, planting little hot kisses across her chest, glancing up at her with smiling eyes. She closed her eyes, straightening up under his touch, her legs straddling his. He continued to kiss up the side of her neck until he reached her lips again. As he kissed her hotly, he pushed his hand back between her legs again, his touch firm.

She took a sharp gasp, her stomach tightening as her lips struggled to kiss him back for a moment, but she sat there, her hands clasped behind her back. His other hand held her fast, placed squarely in the small of her back as he manipulated her senses to draw out another gasp. Her eyes slammed open for a minute before she closed them again, giving in to his will. Smiling, he pushed a strong finger inside of her as he kissed her chest again, making her sit up as straight as she could, her hands behind her back tightly grasping his.

He turned his hand slightly to return her grip, pushing in a second finger, flexing them both as he watched her expression, with her eyes still firmly closed a smile appeared on her lips, hardly hiding her tiny fangs then it moved so she was biting her lip as she writhed about on his lap.

He sped up his movements slightly watching her smile widen as her wriggling served to pull him in deeper. She arched her back, while her lower torso ground closer to him. She took another sharp intake of breath, as if she'd been holding it. She bit into her lip, making a tiny dribble of blood drip down her chin.

Lazarus caught it on his tongue, licking the trail away as he moved his lips over hers again and she smiled, opening her eyes to meet his as she pushed her lips onto his. He broke the kiss and whispered in her ear with a smile, "let go." She shook her head softly.

"Why not?"

"I'm enjoying it..."

"Good," he grinned and she attempted a soft smile back. But it didn’t last long.

"But now I'm being selfish." She smiled, relaxing all her muscles finally.

"You're allowed to be selfish," he murmured, speeding up his movements again.

"But it's as much for," she gasped, "You as it is for me." He just smiled and with a couple more strokes from his fingers, he brought her to the edge, letting het teeter there for a moment. She looked to him with a smile, standing from him she pulled off his trousers slowly, tauntingly. He growled slightly, suddenly impatient as he pulled his boxers off, she looked at the hunger in his eyes and backed away from him; taunting him even more as she failed to give him what he desired.

Pushing himself up off the sofa, he caught her in his arms with a crooked smile. "Oh no, I've been caught by the big, bad, wolf." She smiled mockingly. Letting out another playful growl, he kissed her, walking her backward into a wall. She smiled, kissing him back. Her hands travelling round to his back where she clasped them together, she pushed him closer to her.

One of his hands remained on her body, his other straying impatiently between his legs. She smiled at him and removed one of her hands from his back, making it stray between his legs, replacing his hand. He groaned slightly, closing his eyes for a moment and she took that moment to kiss his lips softly. Kissing back, he spread her legs and moved her hand, thrusting up into her hungrily. She hooked her hands round his neck, smiling again. "The wolf's really hungry hmm?" She smirked.

"Mmm," was all he seemed able to manage.

"Such a pain, breathing, It's so easy to take away." She laughed, kissing him deeply.

"Yeah..." he moaned, kissing her back. She smiled, hooking her legs around his waist, leaning back away from him. He slid his hands behind her, supporting her as he moved against her quickly. She moaned stopping her heartbeat as it became heavy. His own heartbeat raced on, his breathing heavy as he groaned, his eyes closing again as he savoured the sensation. She bit her lip again, closing her eyes to ignore his heartbeat. Even though she had just eaten it was so tempting. She moved with him, focusing herself of tightening her muscles in time with him. Unable to hold back any longer, he moaned again, louder this time as his climax over took him. As he finished, he kissed her passionately. She kissed him back, smiling as she lowered her feet back onto the floor.

The End

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