Melissa let a slight shiver roll down her spine as the cold feeling washed away from her. Her mind thought of loads of things, of Lazarus’ proposal and suddenly the feeling washed over her. A warm, glowing feeling, but she said the oddest thing, “Lazarus, I want us to marry as soon as possible.” She stated, not breaking the embrace completely but just enough so she could gaze up into his eyes.

"Mmm. Me too," he murmured with a smile.

"R-r- really?" She was quite taken aback, as you will soon find out why.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" He asked, pulling away from the embrace to look at her fully.

"Normally you tell me off for my impatience." She smiled, rising to her feet as she thought."But, if you are so for it, we can do it next week."

"Perhaps we should start organising things, then?" he chuckled slightly.

"All you need to do is get a suit." She nodded, running through the plans in her head; she would need a dress and all sorts of other things. But at least she wouldn’t have to plan a hen night or a party for afterward. It would only be a short occasion.

"Don't we need like a witness and priest and all that stuff? I can't let you do all the work," he rose, but did not walk closer to her.

"I know a priest, as for the witness, what about that waiter at the bar, or perhaps we could get someone from the church." She shrugged.

"I guess the waiter at the bar could do It." he smiled, nodding. She grinned, throwing herself at Lazarus again with a giddy squeal. With a happy laugh, he squeezed her gently, kissing her firmly.

 "Oh, Lazarus, I can't wait!"

"Me neither!" he grinned.

"Oh! But I've never worn white, I wonder if he'll do it at night... me wearing white, with white skin?"

"You look gorgeous regardless of what you wear. It'll be fine."

"Oh." She blushed. "Flatterer."

"It wasn't flattery," he smiled, "just honesty."

"Of course," She laughed, blushing fiercer. "Well, should we go to the church? The sooner I ask the better."

"Yeah, sure," he agreed, but Melissa was already gathering her stuff. It was beginning to become early in the morning and Melissa would need the shadow to protect her so she allowed Lazarus to go first, clinging to his shadow as they walked. The doors to the church were open as always, welcoming them in.

“Father, I wish to ask you a favour. We would like to-” She couldn’t finish however; the priest cut her off, “you and this dog?” He was a little taken aback. “You wish to marry a werewolf? Well, this is very strange.”

Lazarus coughed politely, giving the priest a hard look. It didn't bother him when Melissa called him a dog, but if anyone else called him a dog, he didn't appreciate it at all. "Love is a strange force, Father."

"Well, yes, of course. So, I am guessing you would like an evening date?" He asked and Melissa nodded, looking to Lazarus as he asked when they would like the reservation.

"Yes, please. Next week?"

"Well, we have no bookings for the night; I am afraid however church is closed on the Wednesday through to Saturday."

Lazarus glanced at Melissa, "Tuesday, then?"

"Yes, that would be fine father, may I ask of you not to tell Albert, please."

The priest nodded. "But why I thought you liked him, that he liked you?"

"It's complicated," Lazarus muttered in a tone that suggested it was a bad idea to ask any more questions about Albert.

"Yes, well, you have my word." He nodded, and Melissa kissed his cheek swiftly, before bowing in thanks. "Soon you'll have me in paper too, Lazarus."

"Thank you, Father," Lazarus murmured, before turning to grin at Melissa. "It'll finally be official!" he beamed, hugging her.

"Yes. Finally the class system will be overturned." She laughed, wrapping her arms around him back. As the priest walked off she reached to kiss him, locking their lips together. He kissed her back firmly, channelling his love for her into the contact. "In mind, soul, paper and body," She laughed, "Seems like I'm all yours."

"And I'm all yours," he smiled warmly.

"I love you."

"And I love you." She closed her eyes, burying herself in his arms, all urges for blood disappearing. Kissing the top of her head gently, he tightened his grip on her slightly.

The End

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