Play for MeMature

“I love you too,” he smiled, returning the kiss before he rose to fetch the laptop. She smiled, pulling the blanket around her tighter. “You can choose.”

"Why me? I'm rubbish at choosing," he smiled, opening the internet browser to look for a site that was in English and sold beds in France.

"Because I don't want to choose," she mumbled, resting her head in her knees. Saying nothing, Lazarus clicked on a link and began to scroll through the pictures, not really sure what he was looking for.

"Lazarus..." she moaned after a little while and he snapped.

"What? A bed is a bed to me, I dunno what I'm supposed to be getting!"

"No... Come over here." He walked over to her and she opened her arms wide without letting go of her blanket. He knelt down to her level and wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulder, biting into his neck softly. He grunted in surprise a little as her fangs sunk into him, but he didn't tense or pull away.

She pulled away after a little while, resting her head on his shoulder, just next to the place where she had bit, breathing on his neck a little. The warmth of his blood spreading through her, igniting her veins as she swallowed. "Sorry." She whispered.

"No, it's okay."

She licked the last remaining droplets of blood from his neck, allowing the wound to heal. "Please, stay with me." She murmured.

"I wasn't planning on going anywhere, Melissa."

She tightened her grip on him, a small smile on her face. "Your heart sounds so sweet."

"I'm going to take that as a compliment." She nodded slightly, adjusting her head on his shoulder so she could hear the beat more clearly.

"It's steady beat... the lullaby, the harmonious thuds within your chest..." He smiled gently, stroking her hair softly. She could hear his heart beat from his neck, the blood flowing through his veins, everything.

"But it makes me so sleepy." She whined like a little kid.

“Then sleep" he murmured, kissing her tenderly.

"But I fear I'll dream." She moaned.

"If you allow me inside your mind, I can try and help. Play our song in your head, quieten your thoughts..."

"That's sweet but I must re-live my death that is part of what happens. I just want to prolong not feeling it as much as I can." He bit his lip and nodded hesitantly, wishing he could somehow prevent the dream.

She fell onto her side, tugging Lazarus down with her. "I love you wolf. I love you Lazarus." She glanced at her hand, admiring the small rock upon it. "I love you." She repeated, before returning her hand to his back.

He beamed at her, settling on his side next to her. "I love you too. With all that I am," he whispered, his eyes sparkling as brightly as the diamond.

She closed her eyes, lowering her head below the covers, resting it next to his chest. "Thump, thump, thump, thump." She whispered talking in time with his heart beat. His words echoed in her head and she slowly began to bat her eye lids trying to keep them as wide as possible. Lazarus fell silent, wondering slightly what was running through her head. She yawned. “Good night...Lazarus.”

"Good night, Melissa," he said with a smile.

"Please... play for me." She asked softly as her eyes sealed shut. He slipped out from under her cover and tucked it beneath her again before he walked to the corner and began to play. “Thank you.”

The End

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