I like being soberMature

"I want it more than anything." She grinned. "I'm already tied to you anyway."

"Hmm." He looked back at the piano, keeping the flicker of her voice shouting at him earlier in the back of his mind.

"Oh I'm sorry about that. I was so confused and I didn't want to do something I would regret. My old self flickered back before me."

"Hmm?" he muttered again, this time questioningly.

"Earlier. I'm sorry."

He shook his head and sighed, then smiled wearily, though he wasn't tired. "It's fine, but I did say one day you'd get sick of me." 

"I wasn't sick of you. I was confused life, death; it was like being turned all over again! I just didn't want to hurt you."

He nodded, unwilling to keep talking about it. "Keep playing," he indicated to the piano keys. "You're getting better," he told her softly.

She smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She took a deep breath playing again, her hands began to become more still as she played, but as soon as the chords went wrong, just once she grimaced, shielding herself from an attack. Lazarus didn't move, simply watching her as she flinched. As she straightened again, he smiled. "I wonder how long it will take before you stop trying to fend me off if you go wrong?" He wondered aloud

"I'll work on it." She laughed as the words rang bells in her head. "But I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"For flinching, for not trusting you. I do trust you."

He shrugged. "It's okay. When I was a kid, I taught myself how to play, but when I was pushed into performance I was under so much pressure to get it right. My... father," he said the word as if it tasted bad and he glared at the piano as he spoke, "he would lash me after a show if I got anything wrong. Never bad enough that I couldn't play the next night, but..." he shrugged and looked back at Melissa. "It never worked. I only got better by practicing enough. Which is why I'm not going to scold you for getting things wrong." A small smile lifted his lips. "Sorry, I just rambled. Keep going," he gestured back to the keys once again.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I never knew, I thought I had it bad..." she murmured, stopping for a moment to kiss him swiftly. 

"Why are you sorry? It doesn't matter, it was so long ago. I wasn't even an adult, it was that long ago," he laughed

"It was nasty and I'm trying, badly, to sympathise." She murmured turning back to the piano, gazing at the keys.

"Well apart from a thorough hatred of my father, it hasn't left any scars. Unless you count the fact it made me push myself harder to learn and improve?"

"I suppose it made you the great pianist you are now, but in the wrong way!" She sighed, hovering her hands over the piano keys she tried again, attempting to keep herself calm as she played.

He smiled; each time she returned to playing, she quaked a little less, the notes seemed a little less hesitant. He put an arm around her waist and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She smiled softly back, only for a moment taking her focus from the piece before returning it again, when it finally drew to a close she let out a deep sigh. "How do you play in front of people?"

He shrugged. "Practice."

Her eyes widened in awe. "Wow." She mumbled.

"What's wow?" Lazarus asked, arching an eyebrow slightly.

"You, how you take everything in your stride, how everything is so... wow." She smiled, finding the words would just not make sense in her head.

He laughed and tightened his grip on her for a moment. "Whenever you're ready to make sense," he kissed her

She nodded taking another breath, leaning into him. "I just admire you; you take everything in your stride. You make everything seem so easy and when I fall behind you are always there to help me back up again."

"I think you've picked me up more times than I've picked you up, Melissa."

"Oh but you're getting there." She nodded softly. "You are. I think my biggest fall to date, you have managed to pick me up again. In fact, I think I am higher than before."


She nodded again, her voice soft and wispy. "Yeah."

He brushed his lips against hers and smiled. "I do my best. I think I like being sober," he chuckled

"I like you sober." She stated bluntly, "I like being lifted, you make me feel as though I don't need to see the sun. You shine so brightly for me already." She laughed. "Oh listen to me..."

He grinned. "Thank you,"

"You're welcome." She smiled back. "You are so very welcome." Her mind wandered for a while and she began to worry about the coven. She knew they would be angry, they may even deny her rights to stay; but she figured that would be the lightest punishment she could get. 

"Mmm. Are you going to keep going, or have you had enough?" he asked, his smiled not fading; he was oblivious to her thoughts.

"Oh yes of course, I would ask if you would like violin lessons in return but I'm not sure if you would." She showed a weak smile back, "I mean would you?"

He nodded. "Yeah, yeah. I'd like that, thank you."

She opened her eyes somewhat wide, "really?"

"If you don't mind."

The End

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