Spiked Your BloodMature

"So what the hell made you think it would be a good idea to reappear like that? Think she's happy now?"

"I didn't just appear, I didn't plan this!" He growled.

"But you knew we were moving here. You should have bloody hidden if you wanted to 'watch from afar!'"

"This is my pack, my home before it was yours. You expect me to leave my life!?"

"I said hide, not leave." Lazarus said coldly, the conversation only serving to make him angrier.

"So, she's sat at home, angry, upset, confused and you left. Why?"

"She kicked me out. I was hardly gonna stick around if she didn't want me there."

"You shouldn't have left."

Lazarus glared at the wolf. He was right, of course, but Lazarus had seen a different side to Melissa's temper and he didn't fancy getting on the wrong side of it again.

"So, what're you gonna do know, drink yourself into half a stupor?"

He smiled wryly. "No. As much as I’d like to, I would rather stay sober, and calm down without that."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"Well, I had come out here to try and calm down, but it doesn't seem to be working." He gave Albert a pointed glance, his cold eyes meeting the guarded green ones that watched him.

"Why do you hate me so much, really?"

"I wouldn't hate you if you hadn't hurt Melissa so badly, and then have the nerve to point out my own faults."

"I do love her though, even after all these years but I couldn't tell her what I am!"

"Then you're as cowardly as I am, aren't you? Just in different ways." Lazarus told him simply.

"I am no coward." He growled. "I moved here to her favourite place in hopes she would find me again. Do you know how much it cost for transport to keep an eye on her?"

"You were so afraid of telling her what you are, but it wouldn't have mattered to her. I'm sure even you know that. So it really does make me wonder why you were hiding from her for so long. You wanted her happy. She would have dealt with it. It could have been you to put a ring on her finger, but it wasn't, so why, Albert?"

"We are too different, it would have torn her apart. Like your relationship now. Do you know what the vampires will do to her? The wolves were being kind letting you off so easily. She won't be so lucky.”

"You're telling me that like I don't know."

"Then you know. I would do anything to have that bond with her, but it won't ever be. Just like yours Melissa is only so strong."

Lazarus sighed, pushing his hair back out of his face. He took a long look at Albert. "I'm going back to the apartment. She might have calmed down by now. She wants to talk to you alone, you should probably come." he said the last words through gritted teeth.

"You finally see sense." He sighed, tightening the tie around his hair that sat loosely down his back.

"Ever been attacked by an angry, thirsty vampire?" Lazarus asked, beginning to walk back to the apartment. "I wouldn't recommend it. Though if you have, you would understand why I did as she said and left."

"No, I haven't, but I've seen you being attacked."

"Ugh. Just how much did you see of us?" Lazarus asked, grimacing at the thought of Albert watching the whole time. 

"Hmm, quite a bit, why? What're you afraid I'd see?"

"It's just really creepy." Lazarus managed to laugh. The idea of someone watching while they had made love didn’t daunt him, but it would have made Melissa uncomfortable.

"Well, I never saw your more... intimate moments, I left before then." He nodded. "The last month I haven't been watching you at all. I figured you were both happy." Lazarus couldn't really be bothered to admit that it hadn't been all fun and games during the last month, and so he walked quietly, not really caring if his silence made Albert uneasy or not. "Umm although I should really tell you..." he began, but stopped abruptly.

"Tell me what?" Lazarus asked wearily.

"You know there is a blood link between vampires and those they have drank from?"

"And that it is stronger from every time they drink?"

"I knew the first bit." He shrugged, glancing at Albert.

"Well, you know those blood bags..."

"Yes..." a hint of impatience entering his voice as Albert skirted around his point for a moment. 

"Well..." He muttered, "About three of those bags were my blood."

"You've been donating blood to the NHS?" Lazarus almost laughed at the ridiculous idea.

"No. I left them out in the open; I stole the bags and filled them myself. The smell, mixed with some human blood made the bags enticing to her."

"So how long has she had a link to you, then?" he asked after a while.

"Hmm, long enough." He nodded. "You're not angry?

Lazarus sighed. "There's no point being pissed off about it. You probably did it long before she met me anyways and I can't change anything."

"Yeah." He nodded, glancing around from left to right.

"What are you looking around for?" 

"Oh, heh. Nothing."

Lazarus stopped and faced Albert. "What?"

"It was in her recent batch..." He mumbled. "But she'll want to see you, we should be going." Lazarus eyes narrowed at him, but he didn't really have the patience or energy to be beating the crap out of him just yet. Setting off again, Lazarus fought to keep his temper -and the wolf - under control. Melissa growled, a pain shooting through her head as Lazarus' anger rose. She let out a deep sigh, turning herself to the piano she played clumsily. Meanwhile Albert mumbled a sorry beneath his breath.

As they neared the apartments, they could make out the sound of a piano being played. Despite his anger, Lazarus felt his lips tug up a little. He pushed on through into the building and took the stairs two at a time. Melissa heard his footsteps but she still frowned as they were echoed by someone else’s. Her fingers slipped on the keys and she cursed herself, before looking down at the keys focusing harder on the song at hand.

He unlocked the door and let himself in, not smiling now as Albert followed him into his home. He grimaced at the wall, not meeting her eyes. "You wanted to talk. Well here he is."

She nodded absently, keen to finish her song first. "Hello, Melissa." Albert smiled and Melissa frowned as she slipped on the keys again. She sighed, growling at the keys. Lazarus thunked to the floor, leaning back against the wall, staring at the two, saying nothing.

She rose from her seat, looking at him, "how much do you know?" She asked simply, tapping her head. She looked to Lazarus, then back at Albert. "I heard you talking. You took advantage of what I am." She whined, staring at him coldly. Lazarus said nothing, watching them.

Albert nodded. "Sorry." He muttered, but she growled.

"Not good enough! You made me hate, love, hate what I am now all I find is anger." Albert nodded again. "Sorry." She snarled, drawing back her hand she punched him, the silver from her ring burning her cheek slightly. "Stop it!" She cried. "You're not sorry! You're just saying that!" Lazarus couldn’t disguise a faint smile as Melissa hit Albert, but still he stayed quiet.

Albert grimaced slightly, but returned his gaze to her. "I am sorry. I mean it." Melissa ignored it, staring at her hand.

"You see this?" She asked holding it up in front of him. "It's an engagement ring. For a while I thought I would marry you, I dreamt of it. Now, now I have a better dream." She sighed, looking down. Albert moved toward her.

"It still can be your dream." He smiled, seemingly ignoring Lazarus. He lifted her head with his finger, kissing her softly. Her eyes were wide open with shock, she froze to the spot.

"That might not be such a good idea, Albert," Lazarus' voice was low, and he was on his feet, though neither Melissa nor Albert had seen him move. "Step away. Right now."

Albert pressed his lips firmly onto hers and smiled. "It's your choice, Melissa." he said into her head. He pulled away, hunger lining his eyes. "I could give you so much more." He smirked.

"Okay. I think I've held my temper long enough." Lazarus snarled, collapsing to the floor with a loud snarl as the wolf tore its way to the fore without any encouragement.

Melissa stood there stunned; Albert had sent her all the images of them previously, all the way up to his death. She stood between Lazarus and Albert. "NO!" She shrieked.

Lazarus, however, was too far gone to notice as fur erupted over his body, his reshaped limbs clawing out of the material of his clothes. Scrambling up, the wolf hurled itself at Albert, jaws snapping. 

She stood between them again, batting the wolf away. "Lazarus! Stop this. Now!" She growled. The wolf skidded slightly on the wooden floor, but he landed on all four feet. He looked between Albert and Melissa, growling.

She held her arms out in front of her in a cross shape. Albert snaked his arms round her waist, kissing her cheek from behind and she lowered her hands on top of his prying him off her. "Both of you. Stop it!" She took a deep breath, swallowing hard. "Don't any of you love me?" She whimpered. Lazarus fell silent at her words, though his eyes betrayed his murderous desire as he glared up at Albert.

She growled, clutching her head again as anger surged through both of them. She caught images of what Albert wanted to do to Lazarus and vice-versa. She clutched her head. "Stop it!" She whined. The blood link between them both was too strong and they were so close. Lazarus glanced at Melissa and did his best to quell his thoughts. "Sorry," he murmured.

She turned her hand, slapping Albert. "You too!" Albert nodded, calming down. "You claim to love me, but you broke your promise." She knelt down, wrapping her arms around Lazarus' neck. "I'm not yours anymore. If you love me you will leave us alone." She mumbled, tightening her grip as she fought back tears. "Go, now."

Albert nodded, "this isn't over, Melissa can get away with hitting me, I deserved it but Lazarus I'll be back one day." He promised. Melissa let out a low growl. "GO!" She screamed at the top of her voice, covering Lazarus' ears first. He winced as she screamed, despite her covering his ears. He whined and shifted slightly, barking at Albert.  Albert covered his ears too, then growled, leaving the building. Melissa collapsed onto Lazarus, leaning on him steadily. She still fought back her tears as she gently clutched at his fur.

“I'm sorry. I knew it was a bad idea bringing him here." He said quietly, as his thoughts rumbled on irritably in the back of his mind as he remembered the look on Albert's face as he talked to Melissa and the way he had put his arms around her waist. 

"Please come back." She muttered.

He inclined his head gently, looking at her sadly, before he got up and took a couple of steps away from her, towards his clothes on the floor. He tried to keep as much of the noise inside as possible - there had been enough screaming for one day - but he couldn't help the strained whimpers that got out. She winced at the noises he made but as soon as he turned back she flung herself at him, her arms open wide.

The End

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